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Like help with your marketing? Contact us now to discuss your situation and the results you'd like to achieve in your business. 

Email to arrange a confidential discussion.

Business Coaching starts with the advisors to business owners being as good at their specialty as they can be.

They depend on you to know your stuff - and they depend on you to be able to FIND YOU when they need help. 

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Accountants  - Lawyers - Business Advisors 

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Let's face it - Accountants aren't marketers!  Neither are Lawyers. No. Financial Planners aren't either. Nor are Mortgage Brokers. And there's no reason they should be.   Most of them don't even have a real marketing database!   But seriously, accountants knowing about marketing? I know, its silly to even contemplate that anyone would believe that some accountants think they know how to approach marketing, but it's true!! Why... that would be as silly as marketers trying to be accountants!  So 'stick to your knitting' AND grow your business so you can help more clients get their accounting and legal work done well. Do what what you're specialty is and help clients keep their finances in order. Help them cover off on their compliance issues and assist them in making prudent financial decisions to keep their business safe and growing more profitable each month. And get the help you need, with ways to market your professional practice and increase the value of your practice and the enjoyment you and your clients have working together.

To grow a practice beyond it's current ability to generate profit, may mean some new additional strategies as well as refining the processes already in place.  Our Host/Beneficiary Review will identify the hidden opportunities in your business. Our Client Profiling Review will too. 

Right now, there are businesses out there who need a great accountant to work with them on the financial elements of their business, and ensure they are compliant with all the regulations that they need to cover. Those businesses have accountants, and some of them need help. Some of them ... might even be your clients. Expanding your services that you can sell to your existing clients, is a great way to increase your profits, economically and in a method that you can sustain. Make way for new clients, and open up the ways that you can help your customers get better results, doing what they do best. 

We love smart people! In case you are an Accountant who DOES know about marketing, we want to meet you. Call us now  (Lindy on 0403 365 855) and we'll interview you for this site.  If you are an accountant who would like to improve your marketing, and finally do those things that you know you need to do, but have pushed aside ... call us and discuss your individual needs. 


Ask Yourself ...  "How Can I Know Where I'm 'Leaving Money On The Table' ? 

Here's 3 Things You Should Definitely Find Out For Yourself.

  1. How much we can save you in time, money, effort 

  2. How much more you'll earn working with us in increasing profits, increased sales and growing the lifetime value of your clients

  3. What you'll gain in the way of intangible yet very real benefits 

We can't say until we have talked to you since every business is unique. So call now and get the ball rolling. Phone or email for an information pack or to discuss the outcomes you really want now for your business.

Telephone for a preliminary discussion to see how we may be able to help you  achieve the results you want in your business, and help your business clients at the same time. 

Telephone:  0403 365855

or email  ...  24/7 and arrange a confidential discussion.


Joint Ventures --  Quality Accountants and Legal Practitioners.
When working on a coaching program with professional advisors, we can assist you to add active and passive income to your practice to add real value for your clients. 

Benchmarking Pilot Program - Accountants - Please let us know if you would be interested in joining our program which will be starting soon. We are interested in collecting benchmarks for your industry and welcome any Accountants who would like to participate. Email for details.

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