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Phone Lindy Asimus in Australia on 0403 365855 to arrange a confidential discussion and find out how we can help you develop your business and incorporate up-to-the-minute social media into your marketing activities!  Twitter, Facebook, Blogging... You can meet your customers where they now do business.

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Business Advisor Development

Are You Advising Small Business?

Can you identify areas in your practice already needing some attention? Take a look...

This coaching program designed for accountants, and advisors to business owners. If you are in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, this program can be delivered in person by Lindy Asimus.

Now available - Social Media training!

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Everywhere you look, social media is taking off.  It's important to understand where your customers are and how to engage with them.  Setting up a page on Facebook is one thing. Doing it the right way, and knowing how to navigate social media etiquette and get the most from being online is where many fail. 


Your industry has undergone and faces even more, unique challenges. They are not going to just 'go away', so if you are ready to commit to doing all the things you have been avoiding till now, then we should talk. 

You know, people sometimes talk about change being hard. Change isn't hard. Its very simple and its very fast. It's the Getting Ready To Change that can take a while! And sometimes it takes Too Long...

Contact us now to arrange a time and we can discuss your particular needs. Whether it is a full program to devise a simple but effective system for your practice, or a 'one off' program. It's really that easy. 

We can help you in all these areas...


 Step 1

 During this stage we will discover...

  •  What is your Vision?

  • What is The Mission?  

  • Where do you want the business to go?

  • What are your personal and business goals?

  • What are the Values you want the business to project?

Once this is determined, then we can proceed to...

Personal and business goal setting

Goals are to be Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timed. (also Simple, Meaningful, All areas of your life, Responsible, Toward )

  Situational Overview.

Step 2

Where are you now?

Pinpoints the exact location from which you are starting. We need to ascertain this, so we can track the improvements from this point on. You recognize and accept any deficiencies, as well as take credit where due.

For the reality to be addressed before any improvements can be made, is this:

 Wherever you are now is a direct result of the actions you have  taken … or failed to take… and the choices you have made until now.

That said, the real question now is:

Are you now ready to make the commitment and  do what it takes to get the results you want?

Since improvements will be as a direct result of the work we do together, it is important for our starting point to be assessed, in order for us both to calibrate the success of the program.

 Values Assessment

  • What values do you think you communicating now?

  • What values do others perceive you are communicating?

  • What would you prefer to communicate as your values?

  •  Design methods to do that.


Step 3

Assess Current Customer Service Strategy.


Review what is currently in place and take steps to implement, both a workable database, and contact management system.

Classify Client base. 

Based on objective, appropriate criteria. Determine levels of service for AB&C clients. And no, the starting point doesn't mean that clients will always remain in the same service group! With proper attention, many clients can be 'grown up' into the next servicing bracket.

Profile new clients as they come on board.

Work through existing clients on review.

 Existing Clients

  • Diagnose existing program. Design a new program
    to structure, enhance or simplify "existing system"
    as required.

  • Design Customer Marketing Program

  • For throughout the year, distinct from the normal
    follow up for specific jobs.

  • This may include such things as newsletters,
    Christmas cards, Birthday cards, client of the month, etc.

 Prospects & Referrals

  • Institute a prospect follow up procedure.

  • Ensure adequate procedure in place to monitor client
    follow up.


Unique Service Proposition

Determine just what *it* is that makes Your Service Unique and reveal your Benefit Statement

 Design brochure based on your Unique Service Proposition

Based from the client’s perspective

Documentation for Procedures Manual

Step By Step outline

  Position Statements

  • Covers each task within the business

  • Who does What.

  • The tasks separate from the position held by the employee.

  Advisor Development System


          Is the business Me?

          How do we wish to be perceived?

          Steps to ensure that is communicated.


  • Phone management

  • Diary management

  • Business Plan  


Set up and design materials for:  

  • Sales Presentation

  • Bench marking

  • Sales Procedure

  • Pre appointment

  • Initial Appointment

  • Data collection

  • Written Recommendation Strategy

  • New Client Kit

  • Cross-selling Agenda

  • Referral Program  

  • Staff Selection

  • Job allocation

  • Job descriptions*

  • Team building

  • Rewards

 Business Succession & Estate Planning

Co-ordination Systems and checklists

  Phone Lindy Asimus on 0403 365 855 (in Australia) 

These topics are also available to be delivered as workshops for your clients. If you want a way to promote your business and add value for clients, running workshops for your business clients is a great way to promote your business!

Contact Lindy to find out more.