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The purpose in designing this site, was to provide a resource for business owners and entrepreneurs, to find a central source for all kinds of information they may likely need in the course of growing and running a successful business. Find resources and find contacts to help you achieve the success you desire.  Successful in all ways, and for most that will mean financially rewarding...but hopefully rewarding in the other areas of this thing  we call Life, too. So wander around. See what you can find to interest you. As a business coach, this is important to me. As for the name of my business, this seemed to sum up nicely what I am about. Design your business and Engineer it to work for you to give you the results you want.


 Over the years, it seemed increasingly obvious that there is a great need for business owners to be able to access the information they need in order to run their business, effectively and efficiently. Information that cuts right to the heart of the issues they face day in day out and information that is free from the jargon which many advisers, are so fond of using. Jargon that is apparently meaningful to them and their staff -- but has little or no meaning to any of us! And I looked around and thought, now where would I find such information? And equally as importantly, where can I find the information that is not loaded down with just advertisements for people trying to 'push their barrow'?

Well I looked and looked. And came up empty every time.
Sure there was loads of information to wade through.
More information than I wanted, truth to tell.

But none of it was about me and the issues that related  to what I needed. None of it was based on the things that I was looking for... and it was all over the place. What I wanted was a central point, where I could find out about a whole range of issues that might relate to my business. And get some inkling, that there was an understanding of where I stand in all this.

Well that was my wish. And so I got to thinking -- If such  a place existed... one that was informative without being overbearing; where I could poke around at my leisure and think about things that I usually only got to think about  in the wee small hours of the night, and on my own... If it doesn't exist, as I would  wish, then maybe I should
make it! And just supposing that I did design a site that fulfilled all those things I was seeking, what would I like most to find on that site? And so I thought about it more... and as I thought about it, a kind of 'wish' list developed.

It made sense to me that it should... 

Be informative and friendly.

Be simple and easy to navigate

Feel like the authors have values like my own
and are interested in me, and my success.

Make sense.

Help me develop my business the way I want.

Well, That's what I wanted. And you...? I wondered about that too.  What value will you find in this, for you?

So here we are. This is the Mission. We are here to get you thinking about the things that you might have not thought about. In ways you may not have thought of them. After all... You got to be where you are because you know about your business. And you know more about your business than anyone. We can that you can make an intelligent choice about the decisions you make. 

And yes. There are things to buy and Real People who can help you achieve all the outcomes you want for your business and your life. This is the idea. This is our story. If you like what you see...or if you feel you would like additional types of material, please let us know. It's how we learn. That is a very big part of why we are here. If you were seeking something like this too, then settle in and make yourself at home. This site is for You.




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