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Coaching - An Overview

Everyday we face challenges in our lives. 
In our personal lives. In our business lives.
And in the relationships we share with others.

There are times when everything just moves along in 
precisely the way that we would most wish to be the case. 
Then there are the Other Days. Times when nothing seems 
to work out the way we planned, or worse still, we just don't 
care anymore. 



There are as many names for it as there are individual 
needs FOR it. Call it what you will. If you are finding that 
you're working harder and getting less reward for it, then 
it could be time for you to reassess your direction and getting 
some assistance can be a big step toward heading you toward 
the life that you want now.

We don't claim to have all the answers. 
But we have some great questions!

Personal Development

Get A Life

You might have heard that most people who go into business for
 themself do so because they want to have:

More Time
More Freedom
More Money
More Time Off

If you are one of those people you might also have noticed by now
that you have less time for yourself, more
responsibility, AND you get paid after everyone else!
If you are wanting to control your business instead of letting your
business control you - the proverbial tail waggingthe dog
then you need to decide that you have had enough doing what
you do and getting the results you got.
Once you are determined to DO IT, then you're part-way there.
Once we establish the What - then we can work
out the How.

Coaching...Who's It For?

Some people talk a lot about making changes in their life. 
Then there are other people who never talk about it. 
They don't even imagine that it is possible. 

For both of these types of people there remains one 
primary impediment to them living the life they want. 
That is their attitude. Now its possible that they are 
walking around in hand-me-down beliefs that they 
picked up along the way and never realised not only 
look inelegant but really should have been discarded 
long ago.

They just don't 'fit' anymore. If they ever did. 
And they certainly don't go with the life that 
ou maybe imagined you could be living "if only..."

But none of that will undermine the purpose of coaching, 
so long as you are COACH-ABLE. That means being committed
to doing what you set out to do. Keeping you
promises, your contracts and commitments to yourself
(and by extension, your coach) and understanding that we 
are all a work-in-progress and its a good thing to reach out from
time to time, for the assistance you need in order to do those
 things you have not been able to do on your own. 

If you can do that ... AND you want to get more out of your life
 or your business than you have already - or maybe just find
 some balance or joy where you forgot to notice it up till now.

If you can do that - then you have much to benefit from 
by coaching.

How We Can Help

Here are the reasons why some people hire a coach.

Better Quality of Life
Design the life you want to live
Bring the balance back in your life
Spend more time on what is important to you
Improved relationships
Base your relationships on your values
Understand yourself and others
Strengthen your relationship with yourself
Increased Self Esteem
Raise your standards and control your life
Create a strong personal foundation in all areas of your life
Learn new skills to increase your confidence and competence
Greater Clarity and Purpose
Discover what's really important to you
Learn how to separate non important issues
Align your life with your values
Make Better Decisions
See the issues clearly with more perspective
Understand where you are relative to where you want to be
Develop improved strategies that will allow you to get there
Adapt To Change More Easily
Eliminate unhealthy stress
Develop new habits that sustain you over time
Transform your life so you live the life you choose

Business Coaching

So what don't you know you don't know...that you need to know?

Not sure which areas of your business coaching might help with?
It can be different for everyone. Depending on 
where you are now, in your business, and the kinds of
improvements you would like to have made in your business 

Are You Already 'Coaching' People As Part Of Your Advising?  
We can work with you to make that work even better. 

Executive Coaching

Lonely At The Top?

So It Really Wasn't The Money, After All...
We can't know without speaking with you if what we do can help you. 
Only you can decide that. And if you are
getting results in your business and your life that are not the
 results you would prefer or would just like to improve the results 
you are getting, then its likely that we can help you achieve that.

After all - we can guarantee it will cost you nothing to find out. Right?

We can't guarantee what it could cost you not to.
Contact us now to explore the possibilities.

A Word of Caution.

Don't even think about coaching unless you are really
ready to get control over your life.

Working together to achieve the outcomes that are meaningful for you is something
that requires a commitment.  When you are prepared to make that commitment to your own success, then so will we.

If you are - and if you can truly say that you are
open to coaching and all that entails, then email now to arrange a 
discussion. If the fit is right, you'll know it. And so will we.

Call now  0403 365 855








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