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"A business agreement without funding,
is just an empty promise."

~ Peter Bobbin


Business Continuation Planning - What is it? 


Life Estate Risk Audit

Do you want the outcomes you set... or the outcomes you get? 

Estate Quiz

Risk Management


Other areas, which can impact on your business and personal asset planning include:

Strategic Planning


Leadership & Ownership

Debt & Equity Financing

Sale & Purchase


These are most likely topics that you have dealt with in your business before, but may not have integrated into your succession planning efforts.

Our focus is on business continuation planning, a topic often confused with estate planning.  Business Continuation Planning is considerably broader in scope, and concentrates on much more than just minimisation of tax.

What's The Scope?

Business Continuation Planning includes everything from will and trusts (traditional estate planning tools) to family counselling and strategic planning (tools well beyond the reach of estate planning). It applies to you in all stages of life and by customizing your estate plans we assist you in:

Identifying family goals regarding the preservation of wealth

Examine closely held business issues, including valuation, alternative methods of dealing with estate taxes and the transfer/disposition of assets

Develop alternative strategies to quarantine and quantify potential tax savings

Estimate current taxes under existing estate plans 

Succession: noun. following in order, succeeding.



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