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What Ifs


“You could go on finding what-ifs without end…”

-Business owner


Consider asking enough ‘what ifs’ – to determine which ‘what ifs’ are negotiable later – and which are definitely Must Address Now issues.

Until you ask, you’ll never know which is an “Oh no!” [a must address] and which is a “So-what?”  So what differentiates the two?

You can ask yourself all the questions to which you know you need to know the answers. Have you noticed though, how it’s the things you don’t know you don’t know, that can trip you up. And you never know you don’t know – until you know! You know?

We are constrained by the limits of what we know – and blind to those things we don’t know we don’t know. That’s why it is so important to look at those areas from which we can face unknown exposure and get some help from those people who specialise in knowing the questions to isolate what you don’t yet know about those issues.



What Do You Want?


What a silly question.

It’s easy. I want …


Hrm. Not so easy as it looked is it? In fact, for many people it’s the one question they avoid asking at all.

You built up your business and made it a success. Now     it brings you all the material things you need.

And then what?

What happens when you’ve had enough of doing what     you are doing?  How do you realise the value from your business, in a way that will provide for the next stage     of your life?

Do you have a current valuation for your business?

Do you have people ready to buy at that price?



Outcomes. Seems to be the buzzword these days. What does it mean to you and me though?

Bottom-line, there’s really nothing you should be making a decision on, that you haven’t first asked the question:


For What Purpose?


There is no decision you should ever make without asking the question. … That is, if you want an outcome that you desire.

There are all kinds of outcomes. Some are ones you’ll like. Some are ones you’ll wish – after they happened – that you had avoided. And even those decisions you never got around to making will have an outcome. Whether you like it … well that’s another story.

It is the same with your relationships. It is the same with your business. Like Newton said, in his third law of motion:

For every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction

Cause and Effect.

So the question is, what is the effect that you most want to cause to happen?  And what is the effect your current actions are likely to achieve?

If you’ve been doing what you do and getting the results you get - and if you’d like to to get results that are better than you’ve been getting until now – then it may be time to take a look at those outcomes you want to have happen.


Once you define the outcomes you want, well then its just a  matter of setting the steps into place to move you from where you are to where you want to be.


Where do you want the business to be:

          In one year?

          In five years?


Do you want to be still in the business?

What would you like to be doing then? 

How will you achieve that?


Another outcome, another set of steps to take.


First Rule:


Know where you’re going

Work out how to get there safely

At some point you will probably either wish to leave the business or be forced to. Hopefully it will come about by choice.

With that in mind, what are the issues that will affect your movement from business owner to your new lifestyle?

Will you keep the business in the family

Sell the business

Is there anything really, to sell?

How much will you get when you sell?

Who will pay you for it?

All these questions will have an impact on the outcome you end up with.

The question for you to consider now, is this.

Will you get the outcome you get – or will you get the outcome you set?  


What are the 'What Ifs' you need to uncover now?

 Lindy Asimus

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