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Going For Goals

Why Is It Worth Defining Clear Goals?

If you don't have a dream,
how you gonna make a dream come true? - The King And I

So went the old song.  There is plenty of evidence that having well defined objectives makes them more achievable. If you stop and think about it, it makes sense because you have spent time exploring what you want, you are more open to success. It is like when you are thinking of buying a particular car, suddenly you see them everywhere. That's because you have begun to pay attention to their existence.  And once you have a well-defined goal, you will consciously and unconsciously be looking for ways of realising your goal.

What is a good goal?

A good goal has been richly imagined. It has become so real in the imagination that you can see, hear, feel, taste and even smell it. It is important that the goal is stated in positive terms. This is because it sets up an unconscious direction, a focus of attention. And concentrating on not doing something is much harder than concentrating on doing something. Ask anyone who has tried to not smoke. So dream of what you want to achieve and set off in the direction you want.

How do I define a good goal?

The following table gives a simple series of questions that you can ask yourself to turn an ordinary goal into a good one. Ask them of yourself, or better still get someone to ask them of you. At the end of the experience most people find that their goal is both more real and more achievable.  

Aim for specific goals

What specifically do you want? [Remember
be positive]
Where do you want it?
With whom do you want it?
When do you want it?  


Be realistic

Is it achievable?
Has anyone else done it?  


C (See), Hear and Feel

What will you see when you achieve it?
What will you hear when you achieve it?
What will you feel when you achieve it?  


Down to you

Is it in your control to achieve it?
Is this something you want?  



Is the cost acceptable?
What are the costs for me?
What are the costs for my friends, family,



First step

What do you need to have to make it happen?
Where can you get what you need?
What is the first step?



Are all the consequences of getting this
goal acceptable?
What would happen if you did?
What wouldn't happen if you did?
What would happen if you didn't?  


Set YOUR goals today!



Are you still setting your goals on paper??

Every Success Coach in the world stresses the importance of clearly
defined goals. Unfortunately, the method instructed is to write your
goals on paper! While this method is better than not having your goals
defined at all, it simply is not efficient for an on-going goal-setting

Success Studios' GoalPro is a software-based goal-setting system, designed to guide you through the steps required to define, maintain, track, and achieve your goals.  It's the help you need.

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"We are what we think. All that we are
arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world."


What Do You Want?



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