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 This is what our clients look like! You're a smart professional advisor lawyer accountant broker coach or consultant who wants to achieve more and help your clients do the same. 

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By adding what we know to your expertise we help you move toward great results.


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Design Business Engineering is a business and personal coaching and resource centre for the business owner,  entrepreneur and their advisors,  who want to improve their business. They want to improve their customers' (and staff!) experience with their business, and are ready to reach a higher level of personal and business satisfaction.

We work jointly with specialists  in all areas of business activity, and expect that you know your business better than anyone outside your business, and because you know it so well, you can find value in getting an outside perspective to help you identify those things that you are too close to easily see alone. 

You understand intuitively, that having that external person to reference as a resource is very often the critical element that allows you to take your business to the next level, and find your own higher purpose. 

You should note, that we only seek to work with people who share our value for respectful interaction, real value, authentic communication and rational but passionate approach in striving for ongoing improvement.  If you are someone who can see the importance of contribution and are naturally drawn to lead by example within your own sphere of influence, then we'll probably enjoy working together. 

Because we not only adopt these values, but we live them, we don't just assume we can help you to find whatever you are seeking on this website. But if this sounds like the kind of environment in which you would like to participate, then we would love to know more about you and discover together if we have a common ground on which to  work and build great results for you. 

Joint Ventures --  Quality Accountants and Legal Practitioners.
Adding  passive income to your practice just happens when you add real value for your clients. Call now and ask about our Practice Venture Partnering Program. More for accountants here 

NLP.  Tools To Improve  Communication And Results.
f you have heard about NLP and wondered what it really is, how it works and whether NLP could help you improve your outcomes then now is the time to find out. One size doesn't fit all, and there are ways that you can find out today, what can work for you.

Marketing Matters
Get  free marketing articles and info And download this free workbook From Robert Middleton at  Action Plan Marketing, it is the best  thing you will ever download! And if you really want to market your business well - buy the manual, it's Fantastic! Truly.  (Note:
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NLP Sales Training
Tailored For Your Industry

Jay Abraham Marketing Methods - Hands On Help Available Locally!

Individual Coaching

Workshops Tailored For Your Need

Personal Profiling

Communication Training

Team Training

In Real Time* NLP Training For Business

Thinking you need to do an NLP course for your business? Here's a much better more effective  idea!

Home Buyers School
Classes Starting Soon!

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Here's your  chance to get your money back... Cash In On The Money You Already Spent On A Seminar - anywhere, anytime  and Get Your Free One Great Idea happening!

What's Your One Thing You'd Like To Have Done Now?

We love working with people who love the same things we do. So how to find them easily? One characteristic of these people we love to work with, is that they want to start DOING instead of putting things off or just getting bogged down working in their business instead of allowing their business to grow up and work for them. If you've  ever paid to attend seminars to develop your  personal skills, or your business, then we KNOW that there are heaps of things you've thought over the years you want to do in your business but never have. 

We're making that a personal challenge. So here's the deal.  Phone or write and tell us about the one great idea that would significantly enhance your business, and for a limited time only, we will consult with you on this One Great Idea and bring it to action. On the house!

But hurry... places in this program are limited so contact us now to arrange your free Implementation. Can you think of a better way for us to get to know each other?

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Book summaries, articles and stories  

"Acres of Diamonds"

 "Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People"

"The Tao Of Pooh"

"The E -Myth"


For some  inspirational  Quotations try here. 

The Strangest Secret!

What Do Strawberries Have To Do With Customer Service, Anyway?

Have You Been Ignoring Your Clients?

Internet Learning:
About Using Email    Have You Made The Jump Yet? Websites. Internet. Technology.
Like it or not, the future is here and you better believe it. Think about how you will use it in your business.  Your clients need you to get with it and we can help you with using technology to promote your business on the internet. 

Blogging, Web2, eBooks, Teleseminars, How To Classes For All Your Internet Marketing. Check it out now.

Coaching Model

The reasons people have for beginning coaching are varied, and for each person there will be a different place to begin, and the path that coaching follows to will vary. Simply put, people are individuals, and as such we believe that each  program should be tailored to the individual's needs, and choose not to push them through a "sausage machine" format.



Home Buyers School

Picks Of The Week  

Great articles on building relationships with clients and developing your business environment.

Law Practice Development Articles

The Social Customer Manifesto - Cluetrain

Yellow Pages and Small Business Commando Blog

On "The Global Microbrand"

NLP  Good Eye Contact  & Rapport

Good To Great

Subtle Communication Systems
 NLP and Energy Healing

Action Plan...Review Your Website 

Web Site ToolKitAction Plan ToolKit

Turn Around Your Sales 

For anyone who's experienced call reluctance, you'll appreciate that there is at the heart of it, a feeling  that sales is somehow a less than
noble occupation. 
If it is - then your customers are missing out on what you can do for them.  Ari Galper shows how Everyone Wins...

Get Networking!

Here are two FANTASTIC resources for anyone serious about getting their business known and respected.. 

Business Women Connect

Business Networking International

Are You A Procrastination Expert?

Yes, time gets away from us, especially when we are in business. That's not likely to change. There will always be demands on our time and at some point, if we want something different to happen, we have to at least stand up and say "I want to make something be different this year.There are times when procrastinating can be a useful device. But if you're using it in a way that is not helping, then it may be time to revisit your strategy.   If you do want to explore your potential to make things different, then there are ways to revamp the way that 'stuff' gets organized and you can accomplish the results you want, without compromising on other areas that are working well for you. Isolating one from the other can be a powerful catalyst for getting exactly the outcome you want, in a way that does not take away from you in other areas.  You just never know what difference it will make until you take action. 

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You Know.. Some Changes Will Save  Life

Business Coaching Or Personal Coaching

Available: Personal Appointment, Phone & Internet   To discover more on how our working together can allow you to achieve those things you would like in your life or business, contact us now to ask for a "Quick Start To Coaching" Pack. 

Or Call Now And Book A Business Diagnostic Review!

"Because A Life Is A Terrible Thing To Waste"

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