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ARTICLES - Thought Provokers

The Three Bricklayers


A story that well summarizes the power of Vision, is the story of three bricklayers. The story goes, that three bricklayers were working side by side. 

When asked, "What are you doing?", the first bricklayer replied:

"I'm laying bricks."

The second bricklayer was asked. He answered, 

"Feeding my family."

The third bricklayer when asked the question, 

"What are you doing?", responded, 

"I'm building a cathedral."


The question is, are you trying to reach your goals in your business with bricklayers or cathedral builders?


A vision is really like a magnet. It draws people toward it. The vision takes them from the past and commits them to the future.


Vision is our internal compass --
working on your business
...not just in your business.


"Vision without action is merely a dream;
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world."

~ Joel Barker



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