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Do You Rise Above The Competition?

There are a number of skills and personal characteristics that top accounting services marketing associates share in common. In today's competitive marketplace, you need to do all you can to differentiate yourself in terms of winning new clients. Each question in the following quiz is based on the results of a study of 100 top-producing marketing reps that was conducted during the writing of Building a Profitable Online Accounting Practice by The Accounting Guild in Las Vegas, NV. Answer each question yes or no to determine how well you stand out compared to the competition. Please see the rating at the end of the quiz.

  •    Do you spend 70 to 75 percent of your time listening while a prospective client talks? 

           Yes___ No___

  •    Do you smile and maintain eye contact more often then most other people?        

          Yes___ No___

  •  Are you more adept than others at recognizing and responding to prospective and active clients' questions and problems? 

          Yes___ No___

  • Are you highly effective at identifying and prioritizing client and prospective client needs? 

           Yes___ No___

  • Do you systematically and consistently recommend additional services that meet a client's specific and unanticipated needs? 

           Yes___ No___

  • Do you always explain procedures and benefits in clear, concise terms that are devoid of accounting professional jargon? 

         Yes___ No___

  • Are you enthusiastic about attending industry training seminars, classes and courses? 

          Yes___ No___

  • Do you attend personal appearances of motivational speakers and panel discussions of accounting industry luminaries and do you read inspirational   books and listen to motivational tapes in your  leisure time? 

        Yes___ No___

  • Do you regard yourself as generally upbeat and positive? Does your face show that it agrees      with your self-analysis? 

Yes___ No___


  • Do you enjoy the work you do? Yes___ No___

Total number of Yes answers:____

Answer Key

If you answered nine or ten questions, Yes, you already have many of the attributes of highly successful accounting services marketing associates and accounting professionals who are responsible for winning new clients and you will likely rise above the competition.

Eight is an average score.

Seven or less indicates that there are still ways you can improve your performance. Learn from the pros by following the suggestions implied in each question above, and you'll see your success in selling accounting services soar.

Jack Fox, MBA, author, consultant, speaker and president and founder of The Accounting Guild.



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