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The Library.  Stories, Books, Coaching Tales

Here you will find stories and thoughts on a variety of topics, from many sources.
 The articles will be added to regularly, so please check back often
to find what's new that can help you in your research. 


Save Time - Delegate

Determine Your Own Destiny  

Teams - Revitalise 

What Great Workplaces Have In Common

Do You Rise Above The Competition?


Giving and Receiving Performance Evaluations       

Build A Training Program For New Employees


Writing Sales Letters That Sell

ASK For The Sale


Marketing Your Professional Practice

Ultimate Writing Secrets


Sales & Selling

7 Ways To Stop Selling And Start Building Relationships

Customer Service

Think Strawberries!

Time Management

Use the 80/20 Rule


Are You Making These 10 Small Business Mistakes?

Do you want the outcomes you get... or the outcomes you set?

Operational Issues

Phone Finesse

Random Sales Fund Staff Problems

Accountant Articles

Make Your Marketing 10 Times Easier

The Increasing Role of Marketing In Your Firm's Success

Thought Provokers

How High Can You Jump?

The Three Bricklayers

Shake It Off


Successor - Some Zen Thoughts



Customer Letter To The Bank

On Longevity Of Engineering

A Question In Physics

Book Excerpts & Summaries

9 Steps To Financial Freedom

Getting Customers To See The Invisible Feature

40 Traits Of Trusted Advisors

7 Habits of Highly Effective People


These articles are from a variety of sources. Authors are shown where known. Some are from sites that are no longer longer in existence. If there is something here that contravenes copyright please let us know.


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