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Things That Make You Go, "...!"


Here are some of the different life events that can and do happen to any of us from time to time. When we undergo one of these life events, it is a signal that a review of our insurance cover is in order. Since our needs change throughout or life and reflect the different circumstances we face. 

Have you experienced one or more of these events since you reviewed your contingency plans?






Can you think of any more that are not shown, but have been a consideration for you in this time?

  • Marriage

  • New Baby

  • Moving

  • Care of Parents

  • Loss of a Loved One

  • Change in Health

  • Kids to Uni

  • Divorce

  • New Job

  • Retirement

  • New Car Purchase

  • New Business

  • Sale of Business





Other things you might like to remember as you are thinking about events such as these, is what are the "What If's" that could happen, and which ones have you taken  action to ensure a good result?


Who would make your decisions if you were unable to? [ Do you have an enduring power of attorney?]

What decisions might you have to make on behalf of your family members if one of them died suddenly? Do you know their wishes? Is there money available to carry them out in those circumstances? [Are your wills current and funded?]

If you received an inheritance tomorrow, would you lose more than you need to through tax? [Have you investigated the use of a testamentary trust, for your children and dependants -- and for yourself if you are likely to inherit in the future?]


What other "What-Ifs" are ones you need to have an " If That, Then..."  for?





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