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Lindy Asimus Business Coach

Hi there. Design Business Engineering is the name that I chose for my coaching business as it seemed to express all the things that I found important in designing a business and a life and how coaching can help us to create  and design that life and business, just precisely and in line with our principles and values. Not just take the life and the business that turns up!

You'll find resources here and information that I hope will cause you to think and perhaps reflect on what you're doing now.  Consider if you are where you want to be, and if you're on track to accomplish what you'd wish to achieve with your life and your business.

If you're on target to all those things, then I congratulate you. If you'd like some help to get back to where you would prefer to be on your journey, then I invite you to contact me to discuss your preferred way of moving forward.  

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Small Business Coaching Services in Newcastle and Hunter -  and online business coaching all locations. 


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