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What Is Risk Management...
And Why Do I Need It?

If you are like most successful people, you want money
while you plan for all the things that you want for you
and your family, and the money that you need to have
because you want your family to live life to the fullest.

If you really stopped to think about it, you would want
your family to live the good life -- even if you were to be
suddenly removed from the picture.
Wouldn't you!

Jokingly, you might say… "Nuh…who cares if I'm gone…"
But this is no joking matter. This is a very serious matter.
As you think about you'll recognise it is so.

Now you might know people…friends who are in good
jobs and highly respected positions. And some of them
will tell you that you don't need life and disability
insurance. And since they are pretty well off, you might
even be inclined to think that they 'know whereof they


The sad fact is this:

Ninety-five percent of people to whom you speak, are really quite ignorant of the facts about personal insurance. Most are either badly misinformed, or plain uninformed.

In reality…the person who, upon having advised a friend
or family member this way, and has, upon the friend's
death or disability, come forth with the money;
which that family needed to live
… is so rare, as to
be mythical!

Indeed. How many have you met till now?

Quite simply…

There is no way to replace your income
and create a certain and instant estate 
other than through insurance


Statistics tell us that at least 90% of people have
either no insurance, or are dangerously underinsured.
In fact few people have enough money to pay for more
than their funeral and perhaps a year's living expenses
for the surviving family to support itself. Good risk
management, using the appropriate levels and
types of insurance is the only way to ensure that your
goals are automatically reached by your family…
no matter what.

In Designing your family's life plan…it is vital that it 
is based on guaranteeing the ability of the plan to
be attained... No Matter What.

So what are some of the issues to think about?
Let's begin with some of these...

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If you would like to look more closely at your own personal risk exposure and would like to discuss it with an advisor who will help you assess your situation more carefully, and if you would like to review your present cover impartially,  email now to arrange contact with one of our associated  advisors. 



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