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Does Your  Local  Business Have A Website Yet?

Have you ever thought you'd like to have a website but didn't have a clue where to start?  Then look no further. You can have your own starter site simply, easily, quickly. And at a price that will be easily within reach. 

Some people think that it must be expensive to get their ideas on the web. And it can be! But if you want a simple web brochure site to highlight your range of services for clients and prospective new clients alike, there is really no better way to make the information available when they have the time to access it!

Think about all the places you can list your website address. More and more, people are looking for web addresses in the traditional print media, where they can find further information to read up on the companies with whom they might like to do business. Letterheads, business cards, all the traditional media you use to advertise your business... really, the opportunities are endless. 

Have you made it easy for them to find your information?

Your business "too small" for the internet?
Don't know much about computers,
or have the skills (or time!) to design your own material? Websites and social media were made for local business and let you compete with the big stores in ways that were once impossible. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Promote Your Local Business 

Would My Business Need A Website?

Thatís a question that comes up time and time again. All too often, people in business tell me ďOh I donít need a website.Ē Seriously. And if we look at the reasons they have, it makes sense that they would think so.

In many cases they are right. If you are looking at putting up a website to snare all those surfers who are trawling the net just looking for places to go spend their money, buying your particular brand of widget or service, then guess what? Chances are it is never going to happen.

And if by some miracle some do happen to stop by your site through a link from a search engine, the chances are they are going to be living in a location that is not one that you service, and just as likely they will be hitting the site and leaving with nothing to show for it.

So why WOULD you want a website then?

Well letís think about that for a moment.

What IS a website anyway? 

In the context of a business website, it is in effect your 24 hour a day, 7 day a week representation of your business. 

Itís there promoting what you do, and what you offer and all the reasons that clients might want to do business with you -even when you are not there.

At least that is what it can be, with a little thought.

Looking around the internet, it is surprising how many people who do have websites for their business, fail to understand the opportunities that their website offers. 

They pay their money for the site and the hostingóthen neglect to put the information in place that would tell their customers just what it is that is so special about their business.

Show Clients What's Good To Know About Your Business 

I have wondered from time to time whether the fault lies with the business owners not communicating with the web designer about the contentóor the fault of the web designer for not eliciting that information from the business owner. In either case, the result is a wasted resource that is not reaching the full potential it offers as a sales aid.

Another misconception is that one either has conventional marketing, or one has a website. The real beauty of your own website ( and yes, your own domain name please, not www.iím_too_cheap_

Squeeze The Most Out Of Every Advertising Dollar You Spend... 

Think about the money that you typically spend on print or yellow pages advertising. The size of the advertisement is far too small to detail very much about the services you provide. Even with the largest ads. And the cost! Then of course, there is the short life span of the publications. If its the newspaper, its not too long and your well thought out advertisement is decorating the wheelie bin ready for the weekly collection.

With your website you can effectively maximize your other advertising, by offering your website address, in your usual marketing materials.

Your Business Open 24 Hours/ 7 Days A Week!

Advertisements, business cards, letterheads, all your print material can be directing your customers to more detailed information on your site. 24 hours a day. 7 Days a Week.

- Lindy Asimus


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If you'd like to discuss your options and learn how to join the fun and bring your business into the 21st century at last, call me now. No matter what your budget, there's something you can do simply and easily, right now. 

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