10 Best Ways to Give Your Property a Tropical Vibe

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Do you have a taste for the tropics? Are you looking to mix the beauty of nature into your landscaping? Are you hoping to create an environment that will give your property a tropical feel? If so, here are ten tips on how to make it happen.

Well then, why not take these ten easy steps to make your property feel more tropical and nature-inspired.

Plant Palm Trees Around Your Property

Adding palm trees is probably the most common strategy used to make a property feel more tropical. There’s a good reason for this. There are different kinds of palm trees from which to choose, and they’re all great at adding that much-needed touch of nature. If you don’t want to go with anything too large, the Lady Palm Tree is an excellent choice as it reaches only about five feet in height, allowing it to fit into small spaces without looking too out of place. If you’re looking for something a bit grander, the Mexican Fan Palm is also an excellent choice, with its large and majestic look and unusual and striking trunk shape.

Plant More Fruit Tree Varieties

Fruit trees add not only a touch of nature but also a delicious treat. Many fruit trees have a distinctly tropical look to them. Asia has several varieties from which to choose from, from the easy-to-grow apple banana tree to the gorgeous and fragrant lychee flower. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, take a look at the tamarind, which has pods containing tangy fruit pulp. If you’re not sure what fruit trees will work best in your area, it’s always advisable to check with your local garden expert or horticulturist.

Add Pine Trees for Shade and Wind Protection

Adding pine trees can provide more than just a touch of nature; it can also act as much-needed shade and wind protection. There are several kinds of pine trees to choose from, including the majestic blue spruce, the prickly cork tree, which can be pruned to meet your needs, or pines that feature needles in either blue or silver shades.

Incorporate More Flowering Shrubs

Adding flowering shrubs is another excellent way to make your property more tropical-looking, especially if you want something that offers both beauty and durability. There are several flowering shrubs to choose from, including azaleas, hibiscus, and the fragrant gardenia bush. Indian hawthorn is another excellent choice, as it’s one of the only types of flowering plants that can withstand coastal conditions.

Add a Rock Garden

Adding a rock garden can make your property feel more tropical and bring the beauty of nature indoors at the same time. Many people usually think about adding a small pond to their landscaping to make it feel more tropical, but adding a rock garden can accomplish the same goal. This is especially true if the rocks you choose feature exotic colors and rock formations, like shale or slate.

rock garden

Include More Plants That Attract Butterflies

Adding plants that attract butterflies is another excellent way to make your property feel more tropical. Not only do they attract butterflies, but also hummingbirds and other types of birds. Hibiscus is a perfect choice since it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Another good choice for your garden is the butterfly bush, which features vivid-colored flowers that all types of butterflies love to sip from during their long-distance migrations.

Add a Pond or Water Feature

Building a pond or other water features is an excellent way to add an exotic touch to your property for sale. It adds the soothing sound of running water and attracts wildlife, from frogs and toads to fish and turtles. You can opt for a small pond or water feature if you want something small. However, if you want something grander, you can choose from an ornamental pool or even a waterfall if the location works well with it.

Plant More Bamboo

Adding bamboo is another excellent way to make your property feel more tropical and exotic without requiring too much work on your end. Bamboo can be easily added by purchasing small plants, which are perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to your property. It’s also relatively low-maintenance and requires little water or fertilizer to grow, making it an excellent choice for landscaping.

Include Artificially Colored Plants

Artificially colored plants are another simple way to make your property feel more exotic and tropical. This can be done by including brightly colored potted plants or even a flower garden, a popular choice among people who want a colorful touch without much effort.

Incorporate More Cactus

Adding cactus is another great way to make your property feel more tropical and exotic without needing much work to maintain it. There are several kinds of cactus you can choose from, including short-spined cacti, large-leafed cacti, to the “jumping cacti,” which are known for their ability to launch themselves away from predators quickly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to up the ante on your property, especially if you are putting it up for sale, you might want to give some thought to landscaping it with tropical touches that will make it feel more exotic. There are several ways you can do this without damaging your bank account, including adding a rock garden, making sure you have colorful plants and cacti all over the place, and much more.

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