4 Ways You’re Compromising Your Home’s Security

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Home security is not something you should take lightly. Homeowners even try extensive measures just to ensure that their family and their property are protected from any criminal activities. However, slip-ups can still happen, no matter how careful you are. Sometimes, the simplest preparation can be the downfall of your security system at home.

To avoid these lapses, some security experts share some of the most common mistakes homeowners should avoid.

Keeping Your Alarm System on Sight

Installing alarm systems all over your home is a great step to improving safety. What is not is when they are in a place that can be easily noticed by anyone. It’s like giving away clues to burglars and intruders of areas they must avoid when getting into your home.

The smart thing to do is to keep the alarm system hidden so that robbers will be caught off guard once these are activated.

Posting Your Weekend and Vacation Plans Online

Social media has its own pros and cons. It offers a perfect avenue to share your thoughts and opinions, as well as stay connected to friends and family. As you decide to use it, you need to know the proper etiquette when you’re on social media. This includes knowing which is worthy to be posted and which must be kept private.

Among the biggest mistakes is making public posts about your vacation or weekend plans. Some private security companies in Arizona warns that doing this could put the safety of your home at risk and may attract intruders to break into your home.

While you can still share your plans with others, you just need to be careful as to whom you’re going to share your personal plans. Try to limit the number of people who know about your trip. Just tell it to a few closest friends and your most trusted relatives. In addition, don’t make your profile public and avoid adding friends you don’t know.

Leaving Overgrown Trees and Bushes for Long


On your busy work schedule, you might find it impossible to tend to your garden immediately. However, this might pose a risk to your family’s security when left for long. Overgrown trees and bushes might become a hiding place for intruders. That is why it’s important that you give your garden a regular trim.

In addition to intruders, overgrown bushes and trees can serve as an entry point to pests, such as rodents, raccoons, and other unwanted guests.

Letting Your Guards Down at Daytime

Most homeowners are confident that their home wouldn’t be a target for criminals during the day. The thing is, theft and burglary can happen anytime. Once these criminals find an opportunity to break into your house, they will not hesitate. In other words, there is no such thing as safe time or hour for you. If you want to protect your property, you need to activate your system at all times. This way, your home won’t be an easy target.

Protect your home from any criminal activities. Watch out for these security lapses and make sure you address them immediately. If you need to double check everything, feel free to do so. This way, you’ll feel safer and protected against intruders.

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