5 Reasons to Switch to Plastic Produce Bins

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As someone who deals with fruits and produce, you should be aware that selecting the right tools for the job is paramount. This applies to every aspect of the work that you do; be it the machinery to till the soil, the equipment to care for the plants while the produce grows, and even the tools to harvest it.

In addition, it’s only logical that you invest your money in acquiring the best one of each tool. With that being said, it pays off to purchase only the best fruit and produce bins available in the market. This begs the question: Should you stick with traditional wooden fruit and produce bins, or should you purchase modern plastic bins?

The short answer is that you should purchase modern plastic fruit and produce bins, instead of wooden ones. Wooden fruit and produce bins have been around for centuries, but the development of plastic bins have prompted farmers — and even whole fruit-growing regions — to switch to plastic. Here’s why modern plastic bins are superior to traditional wooden ones:

1. Hygiene

Plastic bins are non-porous, ensuring that chemical residues will not seep in or leak out. Plastic bins do not absorb or retain moisture contrary to its wooden counterparts. Moisture in wooden bins can be breeding grounds for disease-causing organisms that can affect fruits and other produce stored within.

2. Durability

While plastic bins may cost more, they typically last three times longer than wooden bins. Because they are less vulnerable to weathering and rot, plastic bins can last up to 30 years. Wooden bins can crack or warp due to moisture or weather and typically last around 10 years.

3. Capacity and Weight

Plastic bins weigh 20-40 per cent less than wooden bins of the same size. Modern production methods have allowed plastic bins to reach — and even surpass — the bearing capacity of similar sized wooden bins.

4. Structure and Design

fruits on plastic bin
The standard design of plastic bins allow for easier handling, transport, and even weighing. Plastic bins are free from rough or sharp edges, reducing damage and preserving the quality of fruits. Plastic bins can be stacked, allowing easier storage and more efficient use of space.

5. Ease of Maintenance

Plastic bins require little to no maintenance. Cleaning is easy and no residues are left even if soap is used once the bins are rinsed in water. The foot of the bin can be easily replaced, though this should take years if the bins are used properly.

Plastic bins are far superior to wooden bins. The whole Bolzano region of Italy is discarding their wooden bins in favour of plastic. Plastic bins are great investments that protect your fruits and produce and make your operation a little more efficient. When considering which type of produce bins to purchase, it should be a no-brainer. Don’t hesitate to go for the plastic variety, instead of the wooden ones. The reasons above should be enough to convince you. Good luck with your purchase!

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