5 Reasons Why Packages Get Damaged

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Have you ever received a package where the content was damaged? How about getting one where the packaging itself was visibly destroyed? Unfortunately, those are common occurrences that cost a great deal of money and disappointment.

It can be helpful to know why packages get damaged because, for the most part, they are preventable.

Why Packages Get Damaged

Here are some of the more common reasons why packages damaged:

1. Using Old Boxes

You might have a lot of boxes from the packages that you have received in the past, and so to recycle those, you use them to send out a new package. That can be a problem if the old label is not removed. The package can end up in the wrong address and might stay in the system for a while. That increases the likelihood that it is going to get damaged.

Older boxes are weaker, too, and might not withstand the strain of being carried around and collapse. So, when you’re about to send out something, drop buy at a shipping store in Murray to get a brand new box and other supplies you might need.

2. Not Following Packaging Instructions

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common reasons why packages end up getting damaged. Shipping companies give out specific instructions for packaging certain types of items for a reason.

Even if the people handling the packages are careful with them, those packages are still subjected to a great deal of punishment. Following the instructions can minimize the likelihood that your package will end up getting damaged.

3. Traffic Accidents

If the vehicle delivering your package gets involved in a traffic accident, there is a chance that the package will be damaged too. The chances of this happening are small, but there is always the possibility. The best way to avoid this is still to use the right kind of packaging.

4. Personnel

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We’re referring to the personnel of the shipping company. Sometimes the damages to packages are not by accident. It can be through intentional neglect, or sometimes the person handling the package is just having a bad day. Keep in mind that the person delivering the package is just one of a long line of people who will be handling your package before it gets delivered.

5. Using “Fragile” Markings

Yes, that’s right, putting a “FRAGILE” sticker on your package can make it more prone to being damaged. But why does something that is meant to prevent further damage cause it?

Based on a test that was done by Popular Mechanics, packages that were marked as fragile got beat up more than ordinary ones. Now, what’s the reason behind that isn’t clear, but it is useful for you to keep that in mind.


Those are just the top five reasons why your packages can get damaged. Some of those reasons are simply out of your hands, and you cannot do anything about them. But there are precautions that you can take, like making sure that your item is packaged correctly.

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