Be Your Own Boss: Paths to Take When You No Longer Love Your Day Job

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Work isn’t just work; it’s life. If you’re like most people, you’ll spend approximately 13 years and two months of your life doing whatever you’re doing now. That’s excluding overtime.

Imagine spending those years working for someone else when you’d rather be your boss. That said, no one would blame you if you finally decide to venture on your own. We’ll even give you a few business ideas to get started. The good news is, all of these require little to no formal training and education. So, go ahead and choose your next path.

Wedding Planning: Turn Dreams into a Reality

Almost anyone can enter the business of making happily ever after happen, given that you don’t merely love parties; you’re passionate about putting them together as well. A typical workday for a wedding planner includes visiting event spaces, going to wine and cake tastings, coordinating with vendors, helping couples decide on the wedding’s nitty-gritty, and making phone calls. A lot of phone calls. Day in, day out.

While this isn’t exactly as easy as Jennifer Lopez made it look like in the movie The Wedding Planner, all the weeks (if not months) of hard work will pay off on the big day. You’ll find it incredibly rewarding to see every single detail come together, making your clients the happiest couple on Earth in that special moment. (Heads-up: it’s okay to cry.)

Apart from this fuzzy and warm feeling you get, being a wedding planner comes with heaps of perks. First off, you get to charge a flat fee for all your services. If that doesn’t work for you, tacking a percentage on the wedding expenditures gives you a higher potential for earnings.

Attending fun conferences, traveling to different destinations, and working with clients who have various stories to tell are valid reasons to go for this business too!

Own a Franchise: Get Started Right Away


Venturing on your own doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start from scratch. Remember, when it comes to business, the idea doesn’t always have to come from you. Choosing a developed business model from a built-in brand with a fully functional corporate network instead of starting your own company can save you time, money, and energy.

In the most basic sense, franchising is having your own business without laying the groundwork. With on-going support and training from the franchisor, you have fewer things to consider.

As long as you have the capital, franchising options are limitless. Some require a million dollars to start while others can be set up with only $10, 000. Big or small, the business you should put your money into must be something you’re passionate about. That way, you’ll recognize its possibilities for growth by heart. For example, if you love healthy meals, consider buying a fresh food franchise. If you’re into traveling, try investing in a cruise company. You get the idea.

Moving Company: Go Places

If Steve Jobs and his pals founded their company in a garage, who says you can’t launch yours with only a truck or a van? When you’re starting in the moving business, forget about buying commercial-sized trucks or having a significant overhead from the get-go. All you need besides your pickup is diligence and good health. Nope, even bulging muscles aren’t a requirement.

How is this possible, you might ask? Perhaps, the first thing you should know is that most of the moving jobs in the market involve small items and a furniture piece or two. The truth is, people only hire big relocation companies because they think they don’t have other options. Well, with a small moving business like yours, that’s about to change.

Your capital will mostly be spent on gas, ropes, blankets, boxes, ties, and a dolly. A hundred dollars should be enough to get the ball rolling.

In case you don’t know where to start, go around the furniture shops and apartments in your area. The key to thriving in the industry, especially when you’re new, is to target small jobs as they are more consistent and easier to deliver. Leave the huge freight to more established companies.

Build rapport with the stores and residents in your neighborhood, and then let them know how you could help them move items with ease. Creating flyers and business cards also let you put your company out there and spread the word about your service.

The best part of being in this business is that projects don’t run out. People always move, and they need someone to do the heavy lifting.

Quitting your job and doing things on your own won’t be easy. But if you’re sure that whatever your feeling right now is more than about having a bad day at work, maybe it’s indeed time to take the leap. After all, you’re not born to do just one thing in your entire life. You have plenty of options, and the ones listed above are just some of them.

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