Budget Spring Break Trips: 6 Tips to Save Money While Enjoying Your Vacation

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Want to go on a short spring break getaway, but don’t have enough time and money? Here are a few ideas you can consider so you can also get a piece of that spring break action.

6 Inexpensive Spring Break Getaway Ideas

1. Be a tourist in your own backyard.
One sure way of enjoying spring break without taking from your wallet too much is to enjoy the local sights and sounds. Don’t be a stranger to your own backyard.

If you haven’t fully explored your city or town yet, now is a good time to do so. Hit some of the local food stops you’ve always wanted to try but just didn’t have the time to do. Take an afternoon off and enjoy it relaxing at the park. Go to your town’s tourism office and ask for brochures. Take a few recommendations as well of things to do and places to see.

2. Check-in at a hotel.
A staycation seems like a pretty good idea for a relaxing spring break. Check in at a hotel so that you have no distractions from your me-time.

Staying at a hotel has several advantages. It gives you an entirely different environment from home, and it gives you the real feel of being on vacation. You can also enjoy the different amenities and services that go with your hotel room like buffet breakfasts, pool time, sauna, and other similar perks.

3. Hit the national parks.
National parks are a great way of enjoying spring break without spending too much. Camping fees only cost about $15 a night. You just need a tent, some camping gear (which you can borrow if you don’t have them at home), and a day or two’s supply of food. If you’re not the camping-type, several national parks also have cabins for rent.


4.  Be one with nature.
Since we’re already talking about nature, there are a lot of other places you can go to other than national parks. A trip to a nearby ranch, farm, or lake also makes for an inexpensive yet relaxing spring break.

If you have recently bought a boat from one of the many boat dealers in Shreveport , LA or Grand Lake, CO, now is a good time to test it out. Being one with nature is not just easy on the wallet, but it’s also good for the soul.

5. Don’t do as others would.
Spring break is one of those seasons where most people flock to the usual destinations. Instead of going where the crowd is, why don’t you try thinking out of the box?

Think of Budapest instead of Paris. Think Greece, not just Italy. Think mountain retreats instead of Cancun. Think a time out on the ranch in place of a weekend in the Bahamas. Go against the flow.

6. House sit for people.
Want to take some time off from home but you don’t have the money to book a trip or even a hotel room? Look for folks who need a house sitter while they’re gone for a few days.

House sitting, similar to booking a hotel room, gives you an entirely new environment which will somehow take your mind off things at home. The great thing about house sitting is you get free accommodations, a kitchen to cook in, and the same comforts your home has.

All you need to enjoy spring break on a limited time and budget is a little creativity and resourcefulness. That being said, have fun!

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