Top 5 Unique Businesses You Can Run From Home

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There are a lot of home-based business ideas out there, but they usually involve selling an item. What if retail is not your cup of tea? Retail isn’t for everyone. People who go into a retail business need a lot of patience and persistence. It takes special skills to succeed in retail primarily because of the nature of the industry itself.

In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional offices to home-based operations. This isn’t only because of the pandemic. Even before the coronavirus upended lives and economies, there was already major interest in reducing and even eliminating the company’s overhead costs. Thus, major players have been adamant in trying out a work-from-home setup.

But when the pandemic hits, it was also a startling realization for everyone: you cannot rely on your wages alone. The food you put on the table shouldn’t come from one employer alone. Here are some great examples of home-based businesses that are not fully retail:


As long as there are houses and offices, there will be cleaning businesses. Instead of home cleaning, however, why not offer commercial cleaning? You can look for commercial cleaning business franchises so you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. The franchise will provide all the materials and equipment. Plus, part of the franchise agreement is for you to have the right to use the name of the organization, so make sure that you look for a reputable franchisor.

Why commercial cleaning? As businesses start to reopen now, there will be a lot of interest in ensuring that the office is ready to welcome the employees again. This isn’t going to be a one-time deal because companies will be more responsible when it comes to keeping their stores and offices clean and sanitized.


There is also a lot of interest in used items—clothing, accessories, motor vehicles, jewelry, and many others. Consignment is a great business idea because you don’t need to raise capital for these items. All you have to do is prove that you have the space and market for the items. It is up to the sellers if they will trust you enough with their items.

The payment is then made when someone bought the item. That is the good thing about a consignment: you get a portion of the proceeds. Every time someone buys an item from your consignment shop, you will automatically get a percentage of that sale without needing to raise capital for the purchase.


So many people got into gardening during the pandemic. If you suddenly found out that you have a green thumb, then why not make something out of it? Herbs are bestsellers. People are always looking for fresh herbs that they can start growing on their own. Even those who have a hard time taking care of plants will be interested in growing fresh herbs simply because it is so practical to have a small herb garden in the kitchen.

If you want to earn more, you might even want to start a gardening vlog. You can tutor plant lovers on the proper way to care for plants, herbs, and flowers. Some may even want to see your garden in person and buy something you’ve grown yourself.

Day Care and Babysitting

As parents start to go back to the offices, the problem of babysitting persists again. They don’t want to leave their kids, but they have to go back to work now. That’s your target market—parents who do not have the time to find a babysitter. All you have to do is convert an area in your house (perhaps, the garage or basement) so it can accommodate babies and toddlers. The only thing hard about this is you have to play, eat, and sleep with them, though kids only need a firm hand to make them follow.

Resume Writing

Are you aware that a lot of eligible workers do not know how to write a captivating resume and cover letter? You can offer your services for a fee. Of course, before you do that, take some crash courses and seminars from the internet and even in the local college. There are a lot of human resource managers who moonlight as instructors and coaches in different universities and colleges. The aim is for them to impart their knowledge on how HR personnel evaluates the capabilities of a simple resume.

People’s needs have changed. If you want a business to run from the comforts of your home, find a niche; it should be something that you are also passionate about since your work and personal life will get intertwined. Home-based businesses can be as successful as ones you find in commercial business districts.

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