Common Garage Door Problems

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Several common problems occur with garage doors, affecting their functionality and safety. The YouTube video explores garage door installation and provides valuable maintenance tips. Regular maintenance is essential, and garage door spring repair services may be the solution.

Look for These Common Garage Door Faults

One of the more prominent issues you may experience is with broken springs. Garage door springs are under high tension and can break over time.

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It may result in difficulty opening the door manually or with the opener. Another common problem is misaligned tracks. If the tracks that guide the garage door rollers become bent or misaligned, the door may get stuck or operate unevenly. It may lead to potential damage to the door or opener.

Furthermore, the door rollers may pose problems. Worn, damaged, or dirty rollers can cause the garage door to make loud noises during an operation or become stuck in the tracks. In addition, your garage door has safety sensors that are located at the bottom of the door tracks. These sensors may become dirty or misaligned. It may cause your garage door to reverse unexpectedly and not close properly.

Addressing these common garage door problems can help prevent further damage. It ensures the safety of your garage and extends the lifespan of your garage door system. When in doubt, garage door spring repair services may be the solution.


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