Customer-related Strategies to Grow Your Lodging Business

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Running an accommodation business can be quite profitable. In 2019, the demand for accommodation rooms grew by 2.8%. And the future looks bright. But how successful your lodgings business becomes depends on what you do. It also depends on how your customers feel about your brand. So you need to learn how to grow your business.

  1. Adapt to your customers’ unique needs

When people choose to stay in your accommodation facilities, you need to make them happy. And sometimes making customers happy requires extra measures to satisfy their needs. If a customer requests for things that are out of the ordinary, think about fulfilling them, especially if they are reasonable.

For example, some customers have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). It is a medical issue that causes allergic reactions to chemicals, electromagnetic forces, and other pollutants. While it is a controversial issue, it is one that you might encounter in some of your customers. Some avoid certain cleaners or air fresheners.

You have to change your chemical system to accommodate such customers. You can go back to your usual cleaning methods after they leave. But taking the time to change a few things for them will impress them. Don’t be surprised to see them sing your praises far and wide. Your accommodation facilities might earn multiple referrals and loyal customers for years to come.

It never hurts to be a bit flexible.

   2. Provide value for your customers’ money

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One of the main reasons why people are attracted to Airbnb accommodation facilities is that they are affordable. It might be impossible for you to run your lodging business while charging the same prices. But you can stand out by providing value.

Find out what it is that your customers like. And try to deliver it authentically. Let them get good value for their money. You could offer extra benefits like transportation to and from the airport, provide local guides that you have partnerships with, organize personalized birthday and anniversary activities for guests who celebrate those events in your facility, etc.

   3. Train your employees

You need to train your employees to provide services that are up to your standards. And such standards vary from one lodging facility to another.

Customers are interested in experiences. Your customer service will determine the ratings and reviews that they give you on various online platforms. If you mistreat them, they will go around telling everyone just how bad your lodging services are. So train your employees to provide the very best of care to your customers. Teach them to handle conflict and unexpected challenges.

When your customers are happy, they will be your brand ambassadors. And your business will receive referrals from them even when you did not ask them to refer anyone.

Your customers can be your best marketers. But they can also be your worst business enemies. How well you treat them will determine their perception of your brand. If you want to grow your lodgings business, then you need to take care of them in every way that you can.

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