Good Habits to Instill in Your Kids During This Season of Pandemic

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The opportunity to build better habits could not have come at a better time. The global health crisis has a lot of us evaluating our old ways and coming up with new ways to cope with our present circumstances. 

As we go through this process, it is best if we also get our kids involved and help them build better habits that will not only keep them healthy but also help them become more responsible and successful individuals. 

5 Helpful Habits That You Can Help Your Children Develop While Under Quarantine

1. Cleanliness

Since our primary defense against the novel coronavirus is handwashing, proper hygiene, and sanitation, almost everyone is conscious about keeping their hands, homes, and surroundings clean. 

As you practice a whole different level of cleanliness in your home, you can start teaching your children how to take better care of themselves and keep their rooms clean. 

You can start giving them certain cleaning responsibilities around the house that are appropriate for their age. 

Younger kids can start by learning to clean up after themselves when they’re done with playtime. Older children and teens can take responsibility for cleaning their rooms regularly and designated areas around the house. It teaches them the value of ownership. 

2. Patience

Living under these conditions are testing a lot of people’s mettle, children included. One important trait you can teach your children this season is patience. It helps your children deal with stress and anxiety more healthily.

Patience is the antidote to stress and anger. It allows them to think and process things with a sober mind and avoid making rash decisions based on impulse and emotion. 

3. Love of learning

The educational system is one of the sectors of society most affected by this pandemic. Schools have been suspended in certain parts of the world, especially those with no online access. Others have taken to doing virtual classes online. Still, some others have resorted to homeschooling

No matter what season we’re in, learning should never cease. Even in the face of this global health crisis, we need to support our children in their education and help them grow a deeper love for learning and knowledge. 

You can help them by recommending activities that will boost their intelligence. Teach them how to not depend on gadgets as a past-time activity but suggest other creative, productive, and fun things to do. 

Buy books online in Singapore to help them grow a love for reading. Play puzzle and strategy games with them to stimulate their strategic thinking. 

4. Thinking outside the box

It is the default of this generation of children to turn to handheld devices and the internet for entertainment and amusement. 

Give them opportunities to explore other options this time. Minimize their screentime and suggest different activities to do that will help stimulate their minds and lessen their dependence on gadgets. 

There are plenty of helpful activities your kids can do to keep them occupied and develop their creativity. Doing this will help them to move out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to be creative and resourceful, traits that will do them a big service once they’re all grown up.

5. Health consciousness

If there’s one thing this health crisis is teaching us, it’s to take better care of our immune system. The rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide has made a lot of people reevaluate their lifestyles and develop healthier habits. 

As you make the necessary adjustments to keep yourself healthier and fitter, encourage your children to take that journey to better health with you. 

Observe proper diet. Eat more healthy food and less junk. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Exercise regularly. 

People say that it takes 21 days to build a habit. With all the time we’re spending on lockdown, developing new habits at home is easier. Folks also say that habits are hard to break. Hopefully, as you help your children develop life-changing habits, these will be ingrained in their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives. 

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