Hidden Workplace Hazards (And How to Avoid Them)

workplace safety
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The workplace isn’t necessarily something we’d associate the exciting or the dangerous things to happen to us, but that’s still a possibility. After all, there’s only so much one can do to make the workplace safe, and things can go wrong despite investing the time and effort to prevent such cases from happening.

In many places like Australia where safety equipment is widely available, the obvious becomes less of a problem and more of a routine to go through. That doesn’t stop the less obvious dangers from happening in the workplace.

So, take a look around your office and if you notice any of the following signs, it might be a good time to bring it up to someone that can do something about it.

A musty smell around the room

If you think the smell of your office is a bit weird or musty, that can be an early warning sign that mold has started to settle in between the walls or partitions. Offices are prone to the growth of mold and mildew due to the fact that they are often enclosed, especially if there is excess moisture.

It can also be the sign of something else, such as leaking pipes. With so much cooling in offices these days (especially in areas where the weather can be very hot), having a leaky pipe means more than just the building’s water bill suddenly shooting up. A leak can end up costing your company more if it happens to affect the cabling in your building, which it usually does.

“Can I borrow this?”

safety equipment

Borrowing safety equipment usually occurs in places that use manufacturing tools or processes in their daily operations. Sometimes, it isn’t just sheer laziness that forces employees to borrow items such as safety goggles or heavy-duty gloves. It could also be that you’ve run low on those stocks.

Ask for a recount of your current number of employees and the safety equipment that can be distributed to them. If there’s a gap or if you lack spares, perhaps it’s time to go to and buy some extra.

A lack of drills

These include safety drills such as fire or earthquake evacuation. When was the last time your company or building held one? Safety drills need to be conducted regularly to make sure all employees can act properly in case of a fire. This can save plenty of lives and money in the process.

Safety drills can also point out glaring flaws in your workplace when it comes to safety equipment, design, door placement, and other things like having a proper evacuation area. While this may be somewhat more difficult to manage than the first two solutions, it’s still critical for your company’s operations.

Maintaining a safe working environment is your responsibility as a business owner or manager. You can achieve this by keeping the workplace clean and providing the necessary safety equipment. Work with a manufacturer or supplier that carries a variety of high-quality gear that meets the existing standards.

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