How to Protect Your Children from Online Harassment

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Online harassment or cyberbullying has made it difficult for children to live their lives in peace. Back then, children encountered bullies only in school, but today, even within the safety of a family’s home, kids experience bullying from their peers due to the presence of social media and their perverted use of these internet platforms.

Fortunately, the fight against online harassment just received help in the form of admissibility of social media evidence. This means that people who are experiencing this form of harassment can now use the evidence they can gather online and show it to the proper authority for them to take action against the oppressors.

How to spot if your child is being bullied

A lot of parents are in the dark when it comes to knowing if their child is experiencing online harassment. It’s not their fault since many kids are afraid to address these issues with their parents due to a feeling of hopelessness because they don’t think their parents or any adult can help them get rid of bullying.

But it’s important to stay vigilant. Here are some signs you should look out for.

  • Acting more secretive especially when it comes to their use of social media
  • Avoiding their peers
  • Avoiding family gatherings
  • Sudden changes in their mood, especially after checking on their phones and computers
  • No longer accessing their computers or phones regularly
  • Feeling anxious every time their phones receive a text message
  • Not comfortable discussing matters related to social media
  • Being more withdrawn and spending more time alone inside her room

Hear out your child

When you see any of these signs, make sure that you listen to your kid. Don’t dismiss any of their ideas so easily. Children experiencing online harassment or cyberbullying are already in a fragile state. They need someone to be on their side regardless of the situation.

So, when your kid talks to you and opens up about being bullied by their peers, listen intently and let them know that you understand that they are in pain. Don’t ever tell her that it’s nothing to worry about because you’re sending a wrong message.

Assure your child

Children who experience bullying just want to be reassured that they are still loved by the people who matter to them. So, when your child reaches out to you at a time like this, reassure them by letting them know that you love them with all your heart.

Talk to your child’s school

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Talk to the school principal about this bully and ask for their help to prevent this person from further harming your child. Also, prevent the bully from contacting your kid. Most social media accounts are capable of blocking people. Better yet, document all of the bully’s messages, posts and communique with your child and hold onto it if in case you’ll need it to prove to the school or even the courts that your kid d is being harassed.

Protecting your child from online harassment is doable just as long as you have an open communication with your kid. You should also be willing to take the appropriate measures to prevent anyone from bullying your little one.

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