Improvements to Make Your Home Spatially Efficient

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One of the popular reasons people move out of their homes is the need for bigger space. But this isn’t always the most financially sound decision.

As the home improvement movement continues to take Australia by storm, new solutions have emerged to address this problem. Rather than look for a bigger place, consider making minor renovations that will give you more space.

Discover the different ways you can make your home more spatially efficient—from more storage space to fewer elements that take up valuable floor space.

Replace Swing Doors with Sliding Doors

A traditional swing-type door takes up floor space whenever it opens. It prevents you from placing shelves and other storage spaces anywhere near an entryway. By replacing them with sliding doors, you get a functional and spatially efficient solution. This type of door is flush with your wall, eliminating the need to clear a pathway to open it properly. You can do this for all your home’s entryways, including the exterior doors. ;

Utilise Multifunctional Furniture for Storage

Getting more storage space often results in smaller floor space. Although new storage units give you a place to keep belongings, they are bulky and make the room look smaller. Fortunately, you can get over this obstacle with multifunctional furniture.

  • A bed frame with built-in drawers allows you to store seasonal clothes.
  • A couch or ottoman with a built-in storage space allows you to keep shoes from littering the floor.
  • The space under your stairs provides ample space for shelves, hanging rods, and drawers for all kinds of items.

If you don’t want to replace existing furniture with these alternatives, you may choose to transform them for better use. There are several tutorials on how to build storage space in home furnishings.

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Rearrange Furniture for More Floor Space

One of the simplest ways to get more living space is to rearrange your furniture. Homeowners overlook this solution because there is a tendency to keep things as they are even when new furniture is added to a room.

  • Swap out large pieces of furniture with smaller alternatives to make them more compatible with the space’s size.
  • Place larger pieces of furniture flush against the wall to give the room more floor space.
  • Make the most of the corners by positioning shelves, tables, lamps and other furnishings on them.

Interior designers also suggest enhancing the existing space with minor changes to make it look bigger than it is. Installing high curtains allows you to make use of the height of the room. Painting your walls and ceiling white brightens up the place and makes it look more open.

Declutter Regularly to Avoid Messes

Decluttering found mainstream popularity a few years ago because of the KonMari Method™. But it has been around for longer. The practice of tidying up as you go is more than an organisation method. When practised regularly, it becomes a lifestyle habit that allows you to get more storage and living space in your home.

  • Throw away junk mail as soon as you get them.
  • Store items in their proper places as soon as you’re done using them.
  • Make your bed every morning.
  • Wash, dry and store dishes right after cooking and eating.
  • Empty your bag when you get home.

These practices help you identify items that are no longer needed in your home, making it easier to throw them away.

Needing more living space is a valid reason to look for a new place to live in, but this decision should be your last resort. By trying other less-radical strategies like the above, you can create more space in your home without building an extension. You simply have to know where to start.

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