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Many people are happy with how their car performs but sometimes “adequate” is not enough. Sometimes you want the ability to push the pedal to the metal. This is where upgrades come in. Some changes can be expensive but there are several improvements that are simple enough to do on your own. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to your car so it runs like a dream.

Get More Air In

One of the things you have to understand about your car’s engine is that it is essentially an air compressor. This means that it mainly functions on the basis of air moving through its system. It becomes more powerful if it is able to get more in and more out. This is where a better intake comes in.
There are several things that you can do to improve your intake. For one, you can install a better air intake system. This usually means better hosing and a larger intake scoop. Air purity is also a concern since the cleaner the air, the better your engine will operate. Also, bear in mind that your intake is just one part of your engine’s air circulation equation.

Delivering the Air Out

The other part of having a better engine is to ensure that the exhaust gas has an easier way to come out. This is where your exhaust system comes in. There are several parts of this system that you can change. For one there is the exhaust manifold and tubing. This is what takes the exhaust of your car out of the engine. Larger versions of this allow for smoother expulsion of air. Your muffler also might need changing. With more air coming out, your exhaust system will be noisier. Mufflers slow down the gas expulsion rate so it doesn’t sound so noisy.

There are some exhaust systems that are for specific car models. For example, if you have a particular Mustang model, then looking for an exhaust system for your Mustang in Sydney and other urban areas might be good idea.

Get More Traction

With a better engine, you need to be able to control your car better. One improvement to that which is pretty easy is to change out your old tires. New tires often have better tread marks which will allow for a better grip on the road. This translates to better performance and fewer skids. Look for tires that are specifically for the speeds that you are aiming for to get the best results.

Put in Some Springs

It can get pretty bouncy in a faster car. This is why you need to change or improve your car’s suspension. It may not seem like much but a smoother ride is possible with the right springs in specific locations. High-performance shock absorbers can be worth it for the smoother ride they give.

Install Better Padding

Another improvement is better brakes. Though brakes are pretty basic, the main part you want to replace is the pads. This is what grips your car’s axles so that they stop. Better pads don’t wear out as quickly and grip better.

Have a Better Journey

Upgrading your car is not as hard as it sounds. You can easily do some of the changes above, while the more difficult ones are easy for good mechanics. If you want your car to be better on the road, it will be up to you regarding what upgrades you think would be good for it.

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