7 Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate 2022

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Let’s wrap up our second year of pandemic survival in 2021. We began to venture out into the world and reunite with family and friends as many aspects of daily life began to return to normalcy, aided by immunizations. However, for many of us, our homes remained our primary focus.

The year 2022 is approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about what will be popular in the coming year. Many of our decorating and design decisions last year were driven by a need for comfort and stability, and experts predict that these interior designs will continue to dominate the trends in 2022.

In this blog post, we have enlisted home decor, interior design, and living room trends for 2022. So without further ado, let’s get started:

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1. Connect with Nature by Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The biophilic design promotes the idea that feeling linked to nature when indoors at work, rest, and play is beneficial to our health. On an architectural level, this means allowing plenty of natural light and fresh air in.

Moreover, using raw wood, concrete, and stone, as well as lots of indoor plants, fresh flowers, and leaves inside the house, make it look fresh and appealing. Even photos of nature, according to studies, might aid to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

2. Go Vintage

With supply chain problems and growing concern for the environment, we believe the celebration of one-of-a-kind finds will become an increasingly essential trend in the new year. Vintage treasures are not only a greener alternative for design thanks to upcycling, but they’re also full of one-of-a-kind elements that are difficult to replicate.

Vintage shopping is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly, but it also adds character to a room. Moreover, you can be certain that none of your neighbors will have the same thing as you!

3. Minimalism is Still Alive

Minimalism done well improves a space’s livability while having fewer creature comforts. It’s easy to focus on basic day-to-day demands and duties when the central purpose of a place is highlighted. Uncluttering must, however, be a daily habit in such a home.

Stick to one or two major materials for furniture, such as wood or steel, and keep decoration to a minimum to obtain a basic aesthetic. Different textures and contrasting surfaces can be used to create visual appeal.

4. Furniture for Cocooning

Cool cocooning has been gaining traction in home decor trends for a while and is expected to increase substantially in 2022. Right now, squishy sofa trends, curving designs, and cuddly fabrics are all the rage.

For some time now, there has been a movement in what people are seeking — more ‘homely’ comfort chairs with deep cushions and more curves in general — a place to lay down as much as to sit. Comfort, cocooning, and creating one’s own world is the fundamental motif.

5. A Royal Flush Bathroom

The bathroom has become a significant room for day-to-day living since it was brought indoors. The ordinary bathroom is also painfully boring. In 2022, this could change.

According to New York architects and interior designers, there is a 10-15 percent increase in bathroom size recently. Bathrooms, whether palatial or not, are emulating luxurious living spaces with spectacular chandeliers and unique plumbing fixtures, which add personality.

6. Vibrant Kitchens

We used calming neutrals and comfy soft furnishings to cocoon ourselves during the pandemic. Bright and optimistic color combinations throughout the home will become more enticing as we gradually emerge with a sense of optimism and positivity for the future.

Kitchens are no longer limited to neutrals, blues, or greens. Colorful stoves and AGAs, painted walls, decorations, and splashbacks are being used to infuse a broader color palette into this space. Designers are using a variety of cabinet colors to differentiate between high and low-level cabinets.

7. Maximalists Approach

Maximalism is back in all its exciting pattern-clashing and textural mashup splendor, despite being one of the more difficult design trends to pull off properly. Experts advise adding drama in modest doses if you’re new to the maximalist style.

Begin with little spaces such as breakfast nooks, powder rooms, and entranceways. Stepping outside your comfort zone and investing in light with tremendous maximalist energy is another creative method to include a maximalist mood without making a significant commitment.

Adding a contrasting hue to a design is a common way to achieve balance. Feeling inspired by 2022 interior design trends to construct the home of your dreams, but unsure how to achieve the aesthetics on your own? Make Your Home Trendy in 2022 by contacting a professional interior designer right away!

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