Live Off the Grid With Your Wilderness Home

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Sometimes, dealing with daily life can be difficult. The pressure of work and society can be a bit too much. The best way to handle that stress is to get away from it all a bit. This is where having a wilderness retreat for yourself can help.

Having a nice little place for yourself is a great idea. How to set one up can be a challenge, though. Here’s how you can do that with minimal fuss:

Get Some Funding

Before anything, you will need to get some money for this project. There are special financing options out there for building your wilderness retreat. They will help in buying the land and most of the cost of construction. Since you are aiming for a simple place, it should not cost much. Your biggest expense will most likely be land and some luxuries.

Keep Things Simple

If you are hoping to build a place to retreat to, then the best choice is having a simple layout. Don’t try to get a fancy cabin with strange shapes. The best is the simplest: a simple square cabin with a low-pitched roof. The interior itself can be one big room or several rooms divided mainly for privacy. This simple approach will make it easy to build and maintain. This also makes designing and planning the house much easier.

Prepare the Ground Properly

When you’re ready to start building, you should begin by preparing the ground. Your main focus is to find a level area for your retreat. You will then need to be sure that the ground is solid and flat. You can do this through the use of heavy machinery or by hand. It will require quite a bit of digging to be sure that the soil does not have too much water. You might even lay down a layer of gravel to make the foundation a bit more solid.

Source Locally

As for the building, you will want to get the materials for your place locally. Log cabins are mainly wood so this should be easy. You might even use some of the wood from the cleared land. Local materials are cheaper and easier to transport so they are a great idea.

Think of the Essentials

Tree house

With the main body of your cabin all set-up, you will now have to consider a few of the essential things of modern life. You probably will want a bit of electricity, a source of water, and toilet facilities. You can handle all of these by bringing in some outside materials. You may resort to solar panels for your electricity needs while sellers of high-quality well pumps in Utah and other states can set you up with a decent water source. For your sanitation needs, an outhouse with a separate septic system is a good idea.

A wilderness retreat can be a nice place to recharge from the stress of modern life. Only you and the wild, without the interruptions of the modern world. The tips above should help you build your place with the right amount of convenience for a comfortable stay. Keep them in mind to ensure your safety and comfort.

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