Most Commonly Used Software for Landscape Designs

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Landscape designers often operate in multiple different functions. They can be customer service representatives, salespeople, design geniuses, and tech wizards. In previous years, landscape designs would be created using pen and paper as drafting materials. In the current age, software and technology have increased enough to allow designers to create flawless designs on their computers.

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The speaker in the video is a professional landscape designer who has been in the industry for a long time, so he has a lot of experience with these different resources. First, he recommends Pinterest as a great starting spot. He says there are great reference images here to serve as material to start a design.

Next, a CAD Mapper is very important for landscape designs. It has a huge amount of data for free that can be downloaded and used as a source, requiring very little creation. This can expedite the process of getting a design to a client faster.

Other tools mentioned are image clipping software, color and texture designing apps, and other reference sources. Each of these adds information and expertise to each design, allowing the process to finish beautifully and quickly. Landscape designers should use each of these in their daily jobs for maximum satisfaction.

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