Preventing Leaks, Spills, and Contamination: The Science of Containment

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Many industries move large amounts of chemicals, compounds and substances because of the high demand in many businesses. They often rely on using special containers for such chemicals, so they can be easily and safely transported to where they are needed.  Often, these containers use containment pallets for easy transport and spill control.

IBC Containment Pallets

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) containment pallets are large and provide a spill control feature under the container. It prevents any liquid or substance to seep out during transport or storage. IBC containers are made of polyethylene which makes them perfect for containing large amounts of chemicals. Polyethylene can store even the strongest chemicals. Unlike metal containers, these containers are not susceptible to rust and corrosion. This quality makes it easy to use these containers for a very long time.

IBC Containment Pallets for Your Business

Using containment pallets can protect any business from chemical dangers such as spills and contamination. These pallets are painted in yellow which makes it easy for anyone to see them immediately even from a distance. This feature prevents people from hitting these pallets by accident.
IBCs can be heavy once stored with the material, but these containers can be moved using forklift trucks.  Anything stored inside the containers is well-protected because of the pullover cover attached to them. There is no need to worry about rainwater contaminating the chemicals even during a torrential downpour. The pallets come with bulkhead fittings that allow you to put together two pallets over the other, which would allow you to transport several pallets at the same time. You don’t have to worry about spending much for this container because their low-cost design makes them easily affordable.
Avoiding Spills of Substances
Cleaning IBC Containment Pallets
You need to clean your IBCs after every use. It is advisable to use a spill kit when a spill occurs inside a pallet. There are many kinds of spill kits, but it is best to use one that suits the type of chemical you need to contain. Once cleaned, you need to clean the containers with the use of water and detergent. You must make sure that the containers are cleaned thoroughly to remove the residue of chemicals that were previously in the containers.
Not thoroughly cleaning the containers might cause a chemical reaction between the previously stored chemicals and the new ones. If you use water, do not throw the wastewater into the storm drainpipes.  You should have a facility for cleaning the containers, so the wastewater does not pollute the environment.
The world has been changed by chemistry, and human beings have used chemicals to make life safer and better. But unfortunately, it has also made the world a more dangerous place if these chemicals are not handled properly. With IBCs and other storage innovations, companies can transport chemicals safely and with the appropriate safety kits to support them in case of an accident. Companies and manufacturers should consider these safety measures, so they would not endanger life, the environment, and their livelihood.

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