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The industry of real estate offers a substantial number of opportunities for job seekers out there. Moreover, with the growing housing urbanization and land development, real estate becomes even more lucrative as a business and high paying as a career. If you live in a progressive state like Utah, you’re in better luck. It has been widely recognized for its business climate and ranked by WalletHub as the 11th safest state in the United States. Utah’s cities including Salt Lake, Provo, Ogden, and Taylorsville are praised for their livability, leading to higher demand in real property.

Still, wherever you are residing, as long as you are armed with the right skills set, you can land a job in the real estate industry. To help you sort out your options, here are some occupations that you may want to explore in real estate:


Realtor, real estate agent, broker — whatever you call this job in your place, this is indubitably a financially rewarding career.

Realtors are independent sales professionals who earn through a commission-sharing set-up with a real property developer or contractor. Becoming a full-fledged one does not entail too many requirements. In fact, you don’t even need a college degree, though it can be an advantage. The only requisites are being of legal age and passing a written examination. Many states also mandate accomplishing some classroom training, so do initial research on licensing requirements in your state of residence.

Marketing Coordinator or Manager

Every enterprise needs marketing to boost business visibility and sales growth. Therefore, if you have a background in marketing and communications, you can try pursuing a position as a marketing manager or coordinator.

Nowadays, there are also many online courses that you can take to further hone your skills or learn new ones. Some disciplines and practices that are worth studying include web advertising and digital marketing strategies like inbound and content marketing. Social media management is also a fruitful pursuit if you prefer not to be involved in the nitty-gritty aspects of real estate.


If you have a degree in architecture or engineering, you can try becoming a property developer or contractor. If you have technical skills and certification in lieu of a bachelor’s degree, you can also become a contractor or subcontractor of a construction company. Professionals who work in the field of development and construction are responsible for many tasks such as labor and time management, scheduling, acquiring equipment, tools, and materials, and even selecting members of a crew or team.

Real Estate Lawyer

a real estate lawyer providing consultation to his clients

If you don’t mind furthering your education and have adequate monetary funds, you can study law to become a real estate attorney. Lawyers that specialize in real estate offer various extensive services for those who need legal advice or documentation assistance on circumstances like purchasing or selling properties, being involved in major real estate feuds, or filing applications for building permits.

The real estate industry is vast and encompassing. To determine which occupation suits your interest and abilities best, conduct considerable research and consult some experts in the field.

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