Quick Guide: Selling Your Old Home Faster and at a Better Price

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  • U.S. homes 20 years and older, often requiring renovation, constitute a significant portion of the housing market.
  • Outdated designs, repair needs, energy inefficiency, poor staging, and location can hamper old home sales.
  • Modernizing designs, addressing repairs, and boosting energy efficiency can increase old homes’ market appeal.
  • Professional staging and appealing landscaping can enhance the attractiveness of an old property to potential buyers.
  • Employing strategies like renovations, professional staging, and listing can expedite the sale of an old home.

Selling your old home can be an exciting but daunting process. You might have already imagined the perfect scenario where your house receives multiple offers, and you can sell it for a reasonable price. However, the home-selling process can be challenging, especially for old homes. There are various reasons old homes don’t sell as fast as new ones, hence the need to understand them and figure out how to work around them. Here’s what you need to know about old homes in the country, reasons your old home isn’t selling, and ways to sell it fast today.

Old Homes Today

It’s estimated that ten million homes in the U.S. are over twenty years old and above. Furthermore, many fifty-year-old homes require renovation to meet modern standards. Most of these older properties were built before current building codes and regulations were in place, so buyers may need to invest more money and energy into them for repairs or renovations.

Reasons Your Old Home Isn’t Selling

Before you figure out how to get your old home off the market, it’s essential to pinpoint why it isn’t selling. Common reasons include:

Old home design in suburbs

1. Outdated Design

Old homes’ primary feature is their traditional design, which can be a significant challenge when selling in a modern market. Most home-buyers usually seek modern, fully furnished homes, and old homes with outdated fixtures and designs may not appeal much to them. As a home-seller, your old home is more likely to attract buyers if you modernize it before listing it. Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom can go a long way in making your home more appealing and significant for the modern market.

2. Repairs and Maintenance

Old homes often require many repairs, including fixing leaky roofs, chimneys, and electrical issues. Home-sellers who fail to address these repairs and maintenance problems before listing their homes raise red flags for buyers. The probability of buyers avoiding homes with many obvious repairs and damages is high, hence the need to repair and maintain before listing.

3. Lack of Energy and Home Efficiency

Old homes usually aren’t as energy-efficient as new homes, which can be a significant drawback for home sellers. Home buyers often seek homes they can enjoy without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills. Old homes that lack energy efficiency features, such as proper insulation, energy-efficient windows, and doors, may struggle to attract buyers. Energy-efficient homes have also increased values than those that are not, and as such, they’re more likely to attract buyers.

4. Difficult to Showcase

Old homes can be challenging to showcase, particularly for sellers unfamiliar with modern staging techniques. As a home-seller, you may want your home to stand out, and showcasing your home in the best way possible is crucial. Consider hiring a professional stager to help you present your home at its best. Staging your home can make it more attractive to potential buyers, make your rooms feel more significant, and accentuate a home’s best features.

5. Location and Landscaping

Old homes may have the disadvantage of being situated in less appealing or outdated locations. A location with poor schools or accessibility can make your home less desirable to potential buyers. Inadequate landscaping and curb appeal can also be a significant drawback in the modern market. Consider professional landscaping and emphasize landscaping needs when showcasing your home to improve its appeal.

How to Sell Your Home Fast

You need to do various things to sell your old home fast. Here are three essentials:

Renovation for home


You must consider renovating the home to make it more desirable for potential buyers. Consider affordable renovations and updates that will draw attention to your property. Additionally, contact an affordable general contractor to do these renovations for you. They can ensure that the project is done fast and perfectly. Most buyers will pay a premium for updated homes that don’t require significant repairs or renovations.


Staging your old home is highly recommended when selling in the market today. Professional staging can help you showcase your home in the best possible way. Having a properly staged home can attract potential buyers faster and make them more interested in your property.

Professional Listing

A professional list of your old home is key to attracting the right buyers faster. A professional agent has access to numerous marketing tools and resources that will help you easily reach more potential buyers. Professional agents can also help you set the right price for your property and negotiate with buyers on your behalf.

Selling your old home is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful either. By understanding why it isn’t selling, renovating, staging, and professionally listing it, you can attract potential buyers quickly and ensure you get the best deal possible. Selling your old home can be exciting and rewarding with the right strategy and approach.

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