From Shared Walls To Convenient Spaces: The Shift Towards Apartments

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In the relentless hubbub of life and work, the homes we go back to are our safe spaces. We may jump from place to place, but in essence, it is a permanent part of living. Through the decades, the trends in residential housing preferences have changed greatly. We adjust with the times and the economy.

Single houses are historically a symbol of power and wealth in society. There is no doubt that this notion exists until now because of how expensive owning a single home can be. A viable solution to providing accommodations and housing to common folk was in the form of apartments.

The first apartments emerged centuries ago, originating from the Roman Empire. With its cities congested with many people, single houses were not cost and space-saving. Thus, buildings standing 4 to 6 stories high were built to serve as communal housing. Another early form of apartments back then was subdividing large mansions into multiple personal suites that people could rent.

In the 21st century, modern apartments have not deviated from their earliest versions. As of 2020, there were about 43 million rented homes in the US. Every year, the demand for rental homes that also include apartments continues to grow.

Apartments have many variations as well, mostly depending on size, floor plan, and utility. They are primarily divided into studios, lofts, complexes, low to high-rise buildings, condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes. Often, these are available on a rental basis or multiple ownership.

Its rising popularity and demand are no surprise, especially with the state of the world and the lifestyles we have to lead. People have a lot of good reasons to rent apartments instead of purchasing their own homes.

Single homeownership is a good investment, but rental costs are more affordable.

Not everyone can shell out a large amount of money all at once for the sake of housing. The difference between a mortgage and rental costs varies from state to state. But in states populated by many workers, such as Washington and Colorado, renting a home costs less than buying one.

Many Americans are also employed in professions that require them to travel or assignment in different places. This makes settlement in one place only a temporary occurrence. Rental apartments serve the purpose of housing, planting roots when necessary, and ease of detachment when needed.

It is also convenient to live in apartments that are already equipped with all necessary amenities

A good feature of modern apartments is that they already come with water, electricity, and security. They ensure safety and also provide the utmost convenience of not having to worry about trivial home aspects.

Compared to building a home from scratch and having to consult with many professionals to get it done, rental apartments save you all that stress. All information regarding the apartment’s history and amenities are available for interested renters upon inquiry.

Larger buildings such as condominiums and high-rise apartments also provide commercial cleaning services for proper sanitation and maintenance. This is also one less thing for apartment owners to worry about.

Choosing to live in and rent apartments is more sustainable in the long run

At this rate, there is not enough space to accommodate single-family homes for all people. The earth will never expand, but human populations will continue to increase exponentially in recent decades. City populations are becoming denser as the years go by. With this in mind, apartment buildings are becoming a cheaper and environmentally sustainable alternative.

Engineering and progressing technology also provide more opportunities to build these apartments with environmentally-friendly installations and designs in mind. These fields contribute greatly to developing techniques in obtaining and manufacturing raw materials that are stronger, sustainable, and cost-efficient.

Apartments can provide adequate living space for many people in one concentrated area. Their existence in the market allows us to have more options and upgrade to better apartments later on in life. New people would then move into the apartments others have grown out of. This becomes a continuous loop of people coming and going.

These apartments can last for decades with proper maintenance, upgrades of amenities, renovations, and sturdy foundations. Even after a long time, they would still be in use.

Opting for more sustainable living that takes you and later generations into consideration is a good choice. The white picket fence is a good dream, but sometimes practicality should also win over. Besides, it might be high time to consider switching to apartments that you can tailor to your own style and comfort.

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