Sustainable Ways to Get Rid of Old Cars

Get Rid of Old Cars
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Climate change is happening, whether or not you believe in it. One thing we can do as the force that triggered it is to dispose of things in sustainable ways. When it comes to vehicles, most of us trade in or sell old rides when buying new ones. But if your old car is in such poor condition that neither of those is an option, you must follow these steps to dispose of it while still protecting the environment.

Part out the car

In most cases, car owners can make more money by selling parts and pieces of their old cars than by selling them whole. If you know how to do it and you have got the time, you can pick your car apart and sell individual parts online, on eBay or some other e-commerce platform. If you do not know how to, there are plenty of online resources detailing how to part out a car to sell online and you can even watch videos of it on YouTube. Once all the pieces you can sell have been sold off, give the rest to a scrapyard where they can do the rest.

Do not attempt to dispose of any individual car part yourself. Tires may seem easy to dispose of, but the steel rims are a serious disposal hazard.

Sell it to a breakers yard

If you do not want to or simply cannot part out the car on your own, you can sell the entire car to a business that runs a lot where anyone can go and pull car parts themselves. Usually, the breakers yard owner pockets a lot more than they would pay you for your old ride. But on the bright side, you will not be doing all the work on your own, and you still get to get rid of the old car in a profitable and sustainable way.

Simply search Google for your closest breakers yard. Some yards also advertise in classified ads in print or online.

Donate the car to charity

Sometimes, your car may only need repairs that cost more than the car itself. There are charitable organisations that will take in a clapped-out car and restore it to working order themselves. They will then sell the newly restored car for a lower price than its brand new counterpart and keep the proceeds.

There are also organisations, such as Charity Car and Give a Car, that sell your old car and donate the proceeds to your chosen charity. This way, someone who needs a car gets one for a lower price, a charity receives a donation and you get rid of your car.

Scrap your car

If you do not want to bring your old car over to a breakers yard, just Google “scrap my car” and there will be dozens of companies offering to collect your car in a few days and pay you for it.

All you have to do is enter your car registration and postcode, and they will give you a quote for your old car. The car collection can be arranged in less than a week and the collection itself usually takes under an hour. The scrapyard may also ask for proof of identification, such as your passport or driving licence.

Even if you do not claim to advocate for the environment, getting rid of your car with any of these methods allow you to profit from a vehicle you would not be using otherwise or allow you to contribute to a good cause. Disposing of old vehicles in sustainable ways is generally a win-win situation, from which you drive away a few pounds richer towards a greener future.

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