The Future of Data Storage is in the Cloud

cloud storage
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Data storage used to rely on a physical item or device — the cloud does away with that. The cloud is unlimited, secure, and traceless, storing your data in safe remote servers. You no longer need paper, CDs, flash drives, or any other format that is not secure and is easy to lose.

Cloud Storage

The cloud is a global network of servers around the globe. Each network serves a unique function — the most common of which is storage. When you send data into the cloud, it is now hosted in a remote server that you can access through a computer or device that’s connected to the internet. Data in the cloud is not stored in your computer or device — only accessed from it — protecting it from theft, hacks, or crashes. Cloud storage is virtually unlimited, enabling you to store data in a secure location that you can access any time. Things like unlimited photo storage are now possible, thanks to cloud technology.

Email services are one example of cloud storage. Your emails are not stored in your computer, but you can access or download their content if you choose to do so. Video streaming sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, TikTok, and even Netflix use some form of cloud storage to store and allow access to data. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to post data on the cloud which can be accessed by a set amount of people depending on your preference.

Access and Security

secure storage

Losing a phone can be problematic and sometimes, even straight-up embarrassing. Many celebrities and ordinary people have lost their phones, revealing scantily clad photos or worse. Inadequate security can leave your laptop or PC vulnerable to hackers, compromising your work, research, or ideas. Computers and devices can crash, rendering their contents inaccessible and useless. Storing (or just backing up) your data in a non-physical device ensures it cannot be stolen, hacked, or accessed without your permission. Data stored in the cloud won’t be affected even if fires, earthquakes, or any other disasters threaten your home. Most cloud servers offer protection and security rivaling that of banking institutions.

Of course, there have been stories of celebrities who’ve had their data hacked — but simple measures like picking a secure password could have easily prevented this.

More than Just Data

While storage is the most popular use of the cloud, it is also the most basic. More than just storing data, the cloud can store programs that you or your company can access from any computer. Using a cloud-based program eliminates the need for installation and frees up space and power on your computer. If you’ve ever bought something from Amazon, eBay, or any other online shop — you’ve already experienced a more complex use of the cloud. Training programs, scheduling software, tasking software, inventory systems — the cloud is home to various programs that are being used by businesses and corporations.

The face of data storage is ever-evolving, and the cloud is probably the most innovative and radical change so far. With no physical medium, your data is stored in the virtual ether — safe, secure, and accessible to only the right people.

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