The Most Desirable Benefits for Employees with Children

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For many job seekers, a company’s benefits package plays a significant role in their choice of employer. And most of the time, hiring top talent requires benefits that will attract all, including people with families.

Attracting and retaining the best employees has a lot to do with offering the best benefits. The best benefits don’t necessarily have to include extravagant things like free travel or a buffet breakfast in the pantry. The benefits that attract employees the most are those that have to do with health, family, and children, such as:

1. Health insurance

Every employee benefit plan provider in Salt Lake City knows that the health plan is often the ‘make-or-break’ for potential employees. Since good health insurance is unaffordable for most Americans, the health benefits of a company strongly influence whether a candidate will take the job offer or not, especially if they have children.

2. Paid leave

Companies that offer longer paid leave benefits for both mothers and fathers tend to be the most vied for. Parental leaves should include postnatal, surrogacy, adoption, and foster care, as well as more flexible leave credits that parents can take throughout the year. A parent can’t always expect when they need to take a leave from work, such as in medical emergencies and school events, so extended paid leaves are something they value significantly.

3. Work flexibility

Both parents and non-parents put work flexibility on top of their priority list as well. Flexible work hours and work-from-home opportunities are inexpensive options for companies who can’t afford fancier benefits; they can even help save money in overhead costs. Most importantly, employees want these benefits so they can maintain a work-life balance in a much easier way.

4. Student loan assistance

College graduates who have a ton of student loan debt are more attracted to companies that offer student loan assistance. With this type of benefit, employees can focus more on other essential things in life, such as buying a house, starting a family, and focus on their career, which won’t be too easy without assistance in paying off their debt.

5. Free daycare

Parents are often torn between staying home to take care of their child and continuing working to remain financially comfortable. If they decide to continue working, parents usually have to leave their child at daycare, which can cost them an average of $11,666 per year ($972 a month). Hence, a company that offers free daycare services can help retain its best employees and attract parents who are looking for employment.

6. Business travel benefits

For parents that often travel for work, spending time with their children can be difficult. As a response, companies offer travel benefits for both the parent and child so that parents can take their kids with them during business trips. This also gives parents a choice to bring their child if there is no caregiver available at the time.

7. Parent gifts

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Raising children is expensive, which is why a lot of parents are attracted to companies that offer parental gifts as well. These gifts can be in the form of cash, gift certificates, or care packages that consist of baby care or child care needs.

With these employee benefits, companies can attract and retain their employees, especially those who want to put their family first.

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