Want to Be a Home Remodeler? Here’s What to Do

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Have you been thinking about how to become a home remodeler? Are you interested in remodeling homes but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re interested in making some extra money on the side or are looking for an opportunity to work in construction after school or on weekends. Either way, if you have an interest in home remodeling, read the following article to discover seven helpful tips, from getting your license to choosing the right home improvement tools and supplies.

Find Out About the Industry

You can take home improvement classes and learn about techniques, tools, and materials. For example, if you’re interested in kitchen remodeling, spend some time at your local hardware store asking questions about what tools are best for different jobs. You might be surprised by how many there are. Research about it and make sure that home renovation interests you, as well as something you have a passion for. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of hard work involved with becoming an expert.

Take a Trade School Course in Construction

Not only does taking a trade school course help qualify you for government-funded construction contracts, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to break into home remodeling. If you’re already living in an area with housing demand, take advantage of proximity and take a couple of courses from your local community college. The more hands-on experience you get before you start trying to raise money for your business, land clients, or buy tools and equipment, will make all those tasks easier.

Establish Relationships With Contractors

You won’t be doing most of the home remodeling, so you must establish relationships with contractors early. Finding one or two who you like and trust will help ensure that your house improvements are done right and at reasonable prices. Many remodelers get started by simply asking around for referrals from friends or family members who have recently had work done on their homes.

Learn About Building Codes

Each state has its building codes. The local municipality where you plan to operate should be able to direct you in your search for these codes. Getting acquainted with them will help you understand what it takes to build or remodel homes in your area in which permits are needed, as well as what violations might result if they’re not followed. These guidelines can also help you assess whether homes being remodeled may have code violations that could lead to accidents or injuries down the road.

Learn Accounting and Bookkeeping


Many home remodelers — particularly those who own their own business — have found success by making accounting and bookkeeping knowledge central to their day-to-day operations. With a better grasp of your finances, you’ll have more control over cash flow and will be able to see exactly where your money is going and why. With that said, be sure not to skimp out. It takes time and energy to learn these skills, so hire a professional to help you out or do it for you.

Get Licensed

To become a home remodeler, you’ll need to earn a business license and liability insurance. Though many states don’t have specific license requirements for home remodeling contractors, you may be required to show proof of general liability insurance. Check with your state’s department of licensing or secretary of state office for information about local licensing laws, as well as worker compensation laws and tax regulations.

Invest in Tools

The two most essential tools for every remodeling job are a tape measure and drill. Measure twice, cut once — it’s especially important if you’re working with wood. As far as power tools go, it never hurts to have an electric saw, jigsaw, and reciprocating saw on hand. Keep your tools in good repair. Sharpen blades when they get dull, replace frayed cords, and make sure everything works properly before you start cutting or drilling holes in the wall.

Consider Franchise

If you’re interested in the industry and want a business, consider franchising one instead. Franchises often have great resources for training your employees and connecting you with potential customers who already like and trust their brand enough to buy from them again. There are several kinds of businesses in the remodeling and construction industry, like a residential construction business franchise, that could be right for you.

Depending on what type of customer service model works best for you, you can select an area or regional-based model where there is a single company headquarters or oversee multiple locations owned by individual franchisees operating independently. No matter which method works best for you, consider seeking out any necessary information beforehand so that when it comes time to launch your enterprise, things will run more smoothly.

There are lots of ways to start your own home remodeling business. However, if you’re going to be successful in your new career, you must work hard and have patience for some trial-and-error periods as you find what works best for you.

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