Unique Headboard Ideas That Fit Different Personal Styles

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The focal point of any bedroom is naturally the bed, so it’s no surprise that so much pressure is centered on finding the right one that sets the overall design tone of your bedroom. A complete bed frame with headboard tends to be limited and expensive, so the next logical option is to pair a mattress and base with a separate headboard that truly reflects your personal style.

Here are unique and out-of-the-box headboard ideas that suit every personality.

For the Seeker of the Unique and One of a Kind

If you want a unique, organic and artistic look, you might need to think out of the box and consider items not typically used inside bedrooms. For a shabby-chic look, consider restored vintage window screens or shutters to frame your bed.

For a rustic and organic look, find a live edge wood slab for sale and mount one on the wall where you plan to position your bed. You could also extend a canopy using fabrics with a contrasting accent panel to frame the sleeping space and serve as a headboard as well.

For the Lover of All Things Classic

You could opt for a separate headboard with a classic look. Traditional headboards are typically made up of textured materials in a neutral and solid color. Find an old headboard and reupholster using your preferred fabric, and you could even make a DIY project out of it.

Be sure to select thick and textured fabrics, such as tweed, weave or twill. Although a solid color would give a more traditional look, you could still select fabrics with a small and subtle pattern, such as herringbone. For a more luxurious look, try using leather or velvet with covered buttons for a tufted headboard design.

For the No-Frills, Practical Type

wood, nails, and a screwdriver

For those who want more out of a headboard aside from being a decorative piece or those not looking to spend too much time, effort and money, there are also lots of options in store. Aside from defining sleeping spaces, headboards can also have multiple purposes.

You could use an extra wide shelving unit as a headboard where you can store books and other items. Make it wider than the bed itself so it can also serve as a side table for things you need at your bedside. You can also make a headboard out of chalkboard wood where you can jot down the things you have forgotten during the day but come nagging at night.

Also consider a cork board headboard that can be used to display pictures and memories. You could also consider wide decal design over the bed to serve as your headboard. These options are low-cost and won’t require too much commitment. You might just need oversized decorative pillows to further define the bed space and complete the look.

Headboards make a huge impact on the look of the bedroom, so it pays to find the right one that reflects your overall style and personality to make your space speak to you and about you. Try out these stand-alone headboard ideas that fit every personality.

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