Weekend Leisure: Watching Films in Your Own Mini Theater

mini home theater with mahogany theme
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Watching films together as a family is one way to spend quality time and have stronger bonds with each other. That is why having a good movie room is almost as important as having an appealing living room and kitchen.

Do you remember when the whole family would finish dinner early in anticipation of HBO Sunday movie hits? Do you remember when nights stop during an intense episode of Lost and when no one dares to go for a bathroom break during the show? Just because movie streaming services are now the mainstream option of viewing does not mean this family time is over. You can still bring this joy over to your family and kids now with a room designed for viewing experience and family bonding.

You are mistaken if you think a movie room is for people you see featured in TV shows. Additionally, if you are already browsing through properties and talking to real estate agents, here are the things you can consider as a green flag for a home cinema.

Comfy Couches

Before anything else, your movie room needs comfortable couches. No one will ever enjoy a two-hour movie if they are in an uncomfortable position. You can fill your movie room with bean bags, box-type sofas, and even La-Z-Boys. This depends on the family members you have in mind because if you have toddlers at home, you better get children-seats as well. Our tip is for you to have customized seats for the whole room. You can either have them fixed on the floor or settle with long couches that you can move around.

White Wall Background

What is a movie if it is not viewed on a big screen? Now, even if you do not have the latest smart TV technology, you can still enjoy the 4K viewing experience with a projector and a white-walled background. Having the whole room painted white is unnecessary as that would reflect the lights. You would want the rest of the room painted in dark colors and just leave the wall area, which will serve as your screen white. If your budget allows it, you can even acquire a projector background. However, you would have to install it on your room ceiling.

Great Audio System

Sure, you do not need the latest smart TV out there, but you will need a good sound and speaker system. The quality of sounds you will hear and listen to matters if you want to enjoy the whole movie. For example, your children insist on watching Disney movies, which can only mean that there will be musicals. Your children will enjoy the experience better with clear sounds, and won’t you enjoy it, too? You can have a cinema experience without a 64-inch TV, but you cannot do without sounds. Therefore, make sure that it has a solid-sounding subwoofer and surround sound stereo to make everything more life-like!

Additionally, it will be best to soundproof the walls, especially if you enjoy blasting the volume. Understandably, people do these to fully bask in the movie itself. However, you ought to respect your neighbors and be considerate. The material used for soundproofing is not that costly, and you can even place the padding yourself.

Great Lighting
a mini home theater with ample lighting

Your traditional fluorescent lights and bulbs would not work in your movie room as they would illuminate all four corners. In your theater, what you would want is dim lighting and preferably with a yellow tint. You can also work with blue LED strip lights on your flooring. Lighting that would not overpower the movie screen itself is better to keep the theater dark as possible.

There is also this surfacing lighting technology over social media like TikTok and Instagram, where people install mood lighting systems in their rooms and use them together with their music. What’s a better way to maximize this than use it in your mini theater? Imagine the sounds in sync with the movie, changing colors and highlighting the thrill itself.

Snack Bar

Do you know what the best part of watching movies and shows is? The food comes with it! There are even times when people find themselves watching Netflix because of the meal they prepared. So do not forget to have one corner of your mini theater dedicated to your movie snacks. It would also not hurt to have a mini-fridge in there.

You do not have to be rich to have your movie and entertainment room, you can follow these budget-friendly steps, and you will be good to go.

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