What is a Chicken Rig?

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A chicken rig available at the rigging shop isn’t a secret fishing spot or a fancy lure. It’s a different way to tie a Nikko rig, which is popular for catching bass. The cool thing about it is that the rig works in spots where a regular Nikko rig would get stuck. You wouldn’t want it to get entangled in weeds or other stuff underwater.

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To tie the chicken rig, put the weight into the fat end of the worm. Then, tie a finesse hook to your fishing line. This hook has a special shape that helps hold the worm in place. Now, put the worm on the hook like a Texas rig. Push the point of the hook through the worm in the middle.

Then all the way through until it comes out the other end. Flip the worm around so the hook point is facing back inside the worm. This approach makes the rig weedless. The rig makes the bait move in a certain way when it descends and sits on the bottom. Its weight makes the bait fall backward in a jerky way.

Once it hits the bottom, the weight kicks up some dust and rocks. That way, the skinny end of the worm will wiggle. Fish get lured by the movement and the dust cloud. Overall, the chicken rig is a good choice for bass fishing. It’s ideal when you want to use a Nikko rig but can’t because of weeds or other things in the water.


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