What it Looks Like to Replace Roof Rot

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Roof rot occurs slowly, over a long time. Some of the signs include water stains on the ceiling, mold growth, or ruined shingles. Roof repairs can be an expensive affair that involves replacing the damaged wood and shingles, as shown in the video. If the rot is extensive, water damage may have spread to parts of the house, including the ceiling, walls, floors, and foundation.

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Besides the cost of roof repairs, the other challenge you may face is difficulties in finding the same shingles. Most of the old shingles have a lifespan of at least 40 years, while the new ones are expected to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this means you may not find the same shingles from 40 years ago. There may be color variations, which will affect your roof’s aesthetics.

Professional contractors will also survey hidden water damage, especially within the wood underneath the adjacent shingles. Water damage spreads faster through wood, so it is best to assume that even though parts of the shingles are intact, the same cannot be said of the wood. Roof repairs should extend to the unaffected shingles to ensure weakened wood gets reinforced.

Roof inspection after roof repairs is an important phase that should not be missed. You need to make sure everything is fixed right and that there are no gaps in the shingles. You may also take additional measures, such as gutter installation, to take water away from the roof.


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