Why You Should Still Use Business Cards

Business Cards
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In this day and age, when everything is available online, are business cards still relevant? Most people have digital devices now, isn’t handing over a piece of paper with your name and credentials obsolete?

While it may seem at first that business cards are a thing of the past, they can still be relevant today. Here are several reasons why you should still use business cards now:

It’s Easier

You can be talking to someone that you want to network with. You can always ask for their email address so you can send them your information, but that takes time. If you have business cards, then it would be easier. You can hand over the card with your information, and if they have cards too then, they can do the same.

Not Everyone Uses a Smartphone

It has been mentioned that most people use digital devices, but some of the people who do not are those that you want to connect with. For older people, using a smartphone might not seem like a convenience. So, how do you connect with them? The best way is to use business cards.

You Always Have Access to Them

Business cards are convenient. Unlike with the internet, which is not accessible all the time, you always have your business cards handy. You can hand it out when you have to. There are also situations where you cannot use your phones. In those instances, you can still have access to your wallet and pull out a business card.

Gives You Legitimacy

People prefer to deal with business people who they feel are trustworthy. They will mostly judge by appearances, especially if they are dealing with a business without a long history. Having a business card will make you more legitimate in the eyes of other people.

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It Looks Good

If you appreciate quality design and craftsmanship, then you should still use business cards. Cards made with high-quality paper and letterpress printing are not a thing of the past. Their design makes them worth having. You would be proud to have those cards and give them away.

It Can Be Used for Marketing

Giving our business cards can be great for marketing and promotion. While it may not have the same reach as that of digital marketing, but it can be instrumental in communicating your message to the people that matter. Instead of just writing your contact details on the card, you can also provide them with reasons why they need to get in touch with you.

It’s Proven To Be Effective

The use of business cards is a proven means for you to connect and interact with others. That’s why it was the standard practice for a  long time. You can connect with people more effectively when you give them your business card.


The use of business cards is an effective means of connecting with other people. You can use still use them today even though digital marketing is the primary means of promotion for businesses.

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