Why Your Restaurant Business Needs a Self-Service Kiosk

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Businesses are looking for ways to meet the demands of their clients in this digital age. Business owners in the restaurant industry, for instance, are embracing technological solutions to improve their service delivery. Self-service kiosks are among the top tech solutions that restaurateurs use. A Popeyes outlet in Singapore’s Punggol East, for example, has self-ordering kiosks that require customers to place their orders. These machines make the service more efficient during mealtimes. Besides making service more efficient, restaurateurs who install a self-service kiosk on their business establishment can reap the following benefits:

Allows Customisation of Orders

When a customer walks into a dining establishment, they have the option to customize their orders. Self-order kiosks at certain fast food outlets allow customers to select the ingredients for the meal or dish that they want to eat.

Better Accuracy of Orders

Rather than let a person write down the order, the client can use a kiosk. This machine allows the client to review their order before sending the request. This review helps keep orders accurate.

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Better Utilisation of Employees

With a self-ordering kiosk, restaurateurs can eliminate staff whose only job is to take the order of the customer and relay it to the kitchen. The business owner can instead assign these staff members on other areas of the restaurant business. If the kitchen requires more manpower, for instance, the staff originally assigned to get orders can help prepare quality food and serve the dish on time to the diners.

Reduced Wait Time

Customers who want to eat in a fast-food restaurant will not have to queue and wait for their turn at the cashier. This minimises wait time and makes the overall process more efficient.

Improved Payment Processing

Diners won’t have to take out their wallet and hand over cash to the cashier. They can conveniently pay for their food simply by using the self-ordering kiosk.

Higher Revenue Opportunity

Certain self-service kiosks in restaurants automatically provide suggestions or recommended deals to diners throughout the entire ordering process. The restaurant business owner can even take this opportunity to customise how the kiosk does the upselling. If a diner, for instance, has a rewards program with a certain restaurant and scans their card, the machine can display suggest certain products based on factors like previous orders and the number of rewards points. These upsells can ultimately boost the sales of a restaurant business.

Better Feedback Collection

Instead of a server asking the diner “How was the food?”, the kiosk can do the asking. These machines can run short but meaningful in-store surveys to gather data from customers, learn more about their food preferences, and obtain information on how the business can better improve their service in the future.

Self-service kiosks can do a number of things for a restaurateur. They can ensure order accuracy, allow diners to customise their order, minimise wait time for diners, improve payment processing and gather valuable feedback. If  you want to take your restaurant to the next level, improve diner experience and increase the bottom line of your business, then installing self-ordering kiosk to your establish may just be what you need to reach your goal.

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