10 Clothing Items You Shouldn’t Wash in the Washing Machine

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Do you think you know how to do the laundry? Think again. This guide will discuss the types of clothes that you should never put in a washing machine, some of which you might not know about.

Learning to do laundry is somewhat a rite of passage when we’re away from home. Many people master the art of laundry when they go to college and find that they can’t put a swimsuit in the washer. Here are the other things that are better off handwashed or sent to a shop that offers laundry and dry cleaning service:

1. Swimwear

As mentioned earlier, you can’t put swimwear in the washing machine. The cycle will damage the straps and the inner structure of the clothing, not to mention the zippers and hooks that may be present. If you don’t want to ruin your swimsuit, don’t put it in the washer. Handwash them instead.

Knitted hats are susceptible to dirt and germs since they get soiled easily. However, the sensitive material and shape of knitted hats cannot withstand the washing machine or the dryer.

3. Baby socks

Do your socks often go missing in the washing machine? If so, imagine how easy it would be to get baby socks stuck in the washer’s hoses and vents. Instead of putting baby socks directly in the washing machine, put them in a mesh bag along with other small and delicate items.

4. Bras

Putting bras directly in the washing machine can cause bras to tear and twist out of shape. Enclose them in a lingerie bag before putting in the washer or hand wash them instead.

5. Throw blankets

Even though they look like they will go unharmed in the washing machine, throw blankets can shrink or lose their soft texture. Check the tag first to see if they should be dry-cleaned only.

6. Embellished clothes

Clothes with embellishments such as sewn-on or glued-on details do not belong in the washing machine. These embellishments will most likely tear away from the cloth and leave your clothes damaged.

7. Ties

Ties that are made from silk and wool can shrink, tear, or lose color if you put them in the washer. Have them dry-cleaned or handwash them instead.

8. Clothes with pet hair

Why does pet hair make any difference? Well, pet hair is just going to stay in the washing machine unless you clean it out. To save yourself from the hassle, remove pet hair from clothes using a lint roller before putting them in the hamper.

9. Sweaters

Sweaters that are made of wool, velvet, or cashmere can be damaged in the harsh cycle of the washing machine. Use a mesh bag to protect the material from excess friction or send them to the dry cleaner.

10. Clothes with flammable stains

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If you happen to spill flammable liquid such as gasoline, paint thinner, or cooking oil on your clothes, be sure to pre-soak them in detergent before putting them in the washing machine. Clothes that are stained with flammable liquids can combust and start a fire.

Avoid a laundry mishap by keeping these items in mind. Instead of risking damaging your clothes in the washing machine, always be careful and read their care labels. Make sure you’re washing them right.

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