7 Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before You Hire Them

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One of the essential tasks to cross out of your moving checklist is hiring a moving company. Many offer the service, but you should choose the one who will take care of your belongings as much as you do.

On top of transporting your goods, these companies can also offer other services. Moving Squad, for example, works with moving families with their storage and packing needs in South Florida.

While you won’t entrust to these companies items such as gadgets, your personal records, and jewelry, you still have to investigate if they are reputable, since other items like your furniture are just as important.

Apart from asking about the rates and services, there are other questions you shouldn’t forget to ask movers before you hire them.

1. Are you registered with the DOT?

One of the first things to ask an interstate moving company is its US Department of Transportation license number. Then, confirm it at www.protectyourmove.gov. Local movers, however, are not always required to have a DOT number. Still, you should check state laws.

Asking for a company’s license number is important so you’d know that you’re not working with a dishonest or uninsured mover. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for feedback from previous customers.

2. Do you provide liability coverage?

You don’t want them to happen, but accidents can occur during transport. For this reason, it’s critical that you hire a moving company that is insured. If any of your belongings get damaged, an insured moving company will pay compensation. Additionally, you won’t have to pay medical bills if a worker gets injured within your premises.

3. Do you have any referrals?

Apart from checking with the BBB, you can also assess a company’s service by asking if they have any recommendations or referrals. Most moving companies with positive feedback will automatically provide you letters from satisfied customers. Or you can go to the company’s website for testimonials.

4. What kind of equipment do you have?

There are no right answers to this question. However, if you know what kind of equipment a moving company uses, you can determine if they can deliver the services you require. This will allow you to identify if they can pack, load, and transport some items like a piano or drum sets.

5. Do you charge extra fees?

To make sure the company doesn’t charge you with unexpected payments, ask your movers from day one if they impose extra fees for other services. These include packing services, storage services, and carrying heavy items.

6. Do you subcontract your service?

Men unloading the truckWhen you hire a moving company, you expect their movers to show up during relocation day. However, if the company subcontracts, others may do the moving. If the company subcontracts the service, you should decide whether you still want to work with them or not. Working with two different companies can be tricky. Besides, you may not have any control over the subcontractor.

7. Do you offer compensation if delivery is delayed?

There could be times when the movers arrive later than agreed upon for various reasons (traffic or mix-up with the schedule). You should confirm whether the company will compensate you if this kind of situation takes place, especially if the delay could take days. You don’t want to spend your first night in a new place with no bed.

There have been many disastrous stories about moving companies. Some items are broken, some items are not delivered on time, and some never arrived. You can avoid all of these if you choose the right moving company by asking them the right questions.

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