Title or Signature Loans? Know the Difference

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Unless you have been in the loan and mortgage industry for quite a while, it can be quite challenging to understand in depth even the simplest of terms. Some of these terms include the unsecured signature loan and the secured title loans.

It is crucial that you first mark out the terms of loan processing, whenever you are taking either of these loans, advises an expert at Utah Money Center, a trusted Salt Lake City-based loan provider. That will help you identify the type of loan that you will be comfortable with paying back without straining your finances.

Unsecured Signature Loans

Typically, loan providers do not need you to provide collateral when applying for unsecured loans. And, that includes signature loans. Therefore, with signature loans, your lender is not likely to give you large amounts since you do not have to provide an asset to protect the loan. However, before processing your signature loan, your lender will require first to determine your credit score and to confirm the payment history of your previous loans and whether you earn income that can service the loan.

Secured Title Loans

Since a title loan is a type of secured loans, you will require providing collateral. Typically, the collateral for a title loan is ATV, cars and trucks, and motorcycles, explains a trusted Salt Lake City-based loan provider. These loans are fast and easy to process since the lender will only have to check the mileage, and year, make and model of your vehicle; you do not have to provide your credit score.

Sometimes you need a huge amount of money so urgently that taking it from the sum that you have already budgeted for will have you strain other planned activities. And, at times, all you need is a few hundreds of dollars to sort that urgent need, which is an amount that your loan provider can offer you. But what are the terms of the loan that you will be taking? What is its repayment period? Do they require you to provide collateral, cosigner, or have an excellent credit score? What the interest rates? When considering taking a loan, be it a signature or title loan, it is these questions that you need to address.

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