7 Types of Awards You Can Give Your Employees

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A crucial part of employee management is awarding and rewarding them for their hard work and achievements. And ultimately, the recognition you give them will reflect on their motivation and satisfaction, which has a direct effect on your company’s success. Aside from rewards, which are small tokens of appreciation, here are the best types of awards you can give to your employees:

1. Custom coins

Custom minted coins can serve a lot of different uses, but they are widely used as appreciation tokens for employees. Although custom coins are small, they hold a special meaning and give recognition to deserving employees. They can be framed and hung in the office, displayed on a desk, or carried in wallets.

2. Certificates

Certificates are easy to produce, and you can put a lot of details on them, including the title of the award, the name of the receiver, and management’s signatures. To make certificates extra special, print them on high-quality paper, include the company seal, and laminate or frame them.

3. Plaques

For bigger awards, such as those given yearly or quarterly, you can give your employees a plaque. A corporate plaque is an excellent award to give employees, business partners, and clients, as well as a great avenue to increase brand recognition. You can get plaques made from different materials, the most common one being glass. But you can also get plaques made from wood, metal, or natural stone.

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4. Trophies

Trophies and plaques are often interchanged, but trophies differ slightly. Trophies are given as sizeable awards to employees or business partners, but they are made from metals such as gold, silver, or steel. And unlike plaques, they are usually shaped into a cup or a goblet. Although trophies are traditionally used for sporting events, you can also give trophies to your employees when they accomplish a predetermined goal.

5. Corporate medals

There’s something so satisfying about receiving a medal and having it hang around your neck. For employees who have worked hard to receive the recognition they deserve, award them with a corporate medal as a nice token of appreciation. You can have medals made with your company logo, the receiver’s name, and the title that they earned. And to make the medal feel more special, include a high-quality container where they can store their medals.

6. Ribbons

Ribbons are small tokens of appreciation that you can give for small-time achievements. Nevertheless, they can make the awardee feel seen and appreciated.

7. Corporate rings

Custom corporate rings serve as an excellent award for valuable employees, such as those who have stayed in the company for decades. They can be quite costly to produce, especially if you want to embed them with precious stones, so they are best reserved for the most exceptional employees.

Employees are crucial to a company’s success. And if your employees feel seen, appreciated, and recognized, they are bound to be more motivated at their job and loyal to the company that notices their hard work. If you want to give your employees the recognition they deserve, consider the tokens of appreciation discussed in this guide.

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